Most would agree that current US policy- as it pertains to the issue of
immigration- is inconsistent and baffling when viewed from any perspective
Upon first step on American soil the Mexican Immigrant has, at
that instant, already broken a law.  Relative to recent history, It
is a law enforced so seldom it has become virtually
inconsequential from the perspective of the American citizen.
That which remains is an unfair label applied to the individual
Mexican Immigrant as 'illegal' despite the fact it is we who have
historically sent the invitation.
perform (this certainly does not help our image). While we have relatively inexpensive food, we
also acknowledge the strain upon many institutions in our infrastructure (in particular, health
Perhaps it is an issue made much more complicated by a clashing merge
of past, present, and future influences...And, on the periphery of any
related argument there exists the issue of race- available to “season
according to taste”
One thing is certain-it is fully inaccurate to refer to the Mexican
Immigrant as an illegal alien if he/she is, in effect, able to cross
the border 'at will' in any direction. There comes a point when a
law has been broken with such frequency (do to lack of
enforcement) it ceases to qualify as a law or, even a half-assed
suggestion.  Any law not universally applied must be viewed as
'suggestive only'. Anything less then uniform enforcement is a
contradiction to the values of equality we claim to be paramount.

You...coming across the
border...hey, you seem like a
cool person, but
"undocumented" is the
nicest thing I'm allowed to
The individual Mexican Immigrant of good character,
ambition, talent, and noble values crosses to pick our
fruit so we can do whatever it is we do that is so much
more important. Yet, we are to consider him/her illegal?
It is detrimental for any person of noble character
to bear the burden of an unwarranted negative
label. This equates to great disrespect for the
individual and to any group with whom he/she may
be perceived to represent. The subjugation of a people to perform
undesirable work with varying degrees of 'little-compensation' while
simultaneously denying participation in, or access to, the major
mechanisms of society....Well, it kinda' has a familiar ring.

On a land where indigenous peoples lived without external disruption for countless
centuries, the ghost of native-spirit ponders the recent addition of so many unfamiliar
faces.  Within the text of the many esteemed unread newspapers- and the spoken noble
words within lofty  speeches- there can be found the attempts to intellectualize that
already instinctively known by native peoples for countless centuries prior to invasion....  

It is in the realization that-regardless to the attributes of
Creation- the collective forces upon planet earth assert
dominion over all within and upon.  And disregarding this
seeming fact will only lead to self-inflicted catastrophe.  It is in
the realistic sense of proportion from which the beliefs and
actions associated with positive stewardship originate.

In the Present

Can it at all be argued the 'developed' nations of the world currently behold with
similar reverence and awareness?  If not, is it accountability then exported and
projected to a god who embraces current practices as in alignment with the
premeditated end of all known things?

Perhaps Nature issues a still subtle plea for the return of those more inclined to reverently
regard the whole of any given territory in exchange for comfortable abode.
I thought we were talking
about people from Mexico

But, at this point we're not talking about Native Americans (who
remain segregated by the way)... we are talking about people
from Mexico...
Presently, there is wide perception that the large number of those arriving
as undocumented is partly related to the willingness of the Mexican
Immigrant to do the type of labor most Americans dislike and/or refuse to

This land is my land, this land is your land...
well, it used to be theirs.
This land is my land, this land is your land
but we won it fair-n-square
This land is my land, this land is your land
and I'll shoot your ass if you come near.
What will be the consequences current
immigration practices have on the future? Just
what are we trying to accomplish with our current
approaches? For most (regardless of position),
there seems little rhyme or reason and little
substance from which can be extracted optimism
relative to achieving any positive outcome.
In effect, the current policy benefits most those of whom most
would agree are least deserving.  That particular character would
be the Mexican National who
actually is a criminal.  It is this person
who can blend with the 'virtuous-illegal' with little distinction made
relative to the proportion of the crime.  
There is indeed an important issue begging for reasonable solutions.  Yet, a clear perspective
on the matter is obscured by a clutter of issues often only seeming relevant. An existing  
conundrum accumulates confounding complexity when viewed as a problem-of-the-present as
opposed to consideration as a symptom indicative of unresolved issues from the past.
Ultimately the issue of immigration provides  both a challenge and an opportunity as the strong
reactions it evokes spring from the heart of the fundamental principles that define or destroy all
existing conglomerates across the planet.
While among fellow countrymen- who also must avoid encounters with Law
Enforcement- the authentic thug is provided the opportunity to increase the
frequency/severity of crimes with little notice. Those who 'see' will not say and those
who 'hear' will not 'see'.  There is the double jeopardy of fearing both the offender
and the police.

Mixed Messages

Mezclado Mensajes


There comes a point when a law has been broken with such frequency (do to lack of enforcement) it ceases to qualify as a law or, even a half-assed suggestion