Fairly New but, Then again Not

Immigration across borders and continents is not new...'New' are the tools and methods making possible the  
movement of peoples wide-scale, and with refined efficiency.  What is it that drives the movement of a people
seen as a collective representation?  If asked to explain, some may assert a drive based in the need for basic
resources while others may site the need to proliferate the message of religion to rescue the savage soul of
indigenous peoples (helping them to ‘avoid hell’ while simultaneously ‘bringing it’).  A third rationale pertains to
the perception of the aggressors own perceived racial superiority as sole justification for conquest through
annihilation.  The distinction between immigration and invasion is perhaps often subtle but all-important to the
issue of legitimacy as true need functions as the only rationale not completely despicable.

As it pertains to past atrocities inflicted upon humans, by humans, there will be many injustices for which full
reconciliation can never be attained by way of efforts channeled through the conventional definition. It is not
feasible that all territories be returned to indigenous peoples while all others return to the territories from which
they originated.. While there were conquerors to inflict misery, there were also those peoples without the ability
to mount even the most rudimentary forms of defense. Although there would have been no way Native peoples
could have foreseen the calamity of impending  invasion, the lessons of history suggest the cause of relative
equality is indispensable for both the strong and the vulnerable. ...

Somewhere in the corners of our collective national conscience we hear a voice pleading for  needless suffering
surrendering to the causes of fairness and equality. It is a voice emanating from the side of human nature that
values justice and equality above all else.  In the near-future We may make adjustments to the methods of
progress only to find other inequities are uncovered or emerge as consequence.  As it is with any instinctual
response at the individual level, there is a sense of urgency begging for action and resolution to occur within the
span of a single human life. Caution in the past has resulted in tragic social regression while acceleration by
artificial means has arguably, yielded results with no discernible distinctions of merit.
Not Not-Old Means...