There are the 'Addicted" and there are the 'Enablers'.  And the 'Enablers'
are also the 'Addicted' - addicted to the revenue to which the sale of  oil

As it pertains to the Middle East a conversion away from an economy
defined by singular dimension of petroleum sales will require a concerted
effort on a global scale
As it pertains to the United States we will continue to find ourselves inextricably
linked to the nations found within the region of the Middle East. Could we ever truly
believe the elimination of dependency on foreign oil would equate to us no longer
having concerns with the Middle East? We will continue to function as a vital player
in the Middle East and throughout the world

If we do nothing to curb an unsustainable lifestyle/economy, then we need to shut
up relative to our claims of concern for future generations.  Talking about future
generations is the minds way of tricking a person into believing he is not a quitter.  It
is the belief that saying 'I told you so' is somehow a legitimate legacy or that we are
thereby absolved  accountability.
If to inquire among ‘Big Oil’ companies about the future of the fossil fuel industry, the
overall sentiment would be that there will be little change in consumption over the
next 50-75 years.  Presumably the abstracted argument would be that the relevant
technology to conversion remains primitive and scarce.

The issue, it seems, has less to do with status of
alternative technology and more to do with the current
national and global  economic infrastructures.  When the
wealth of a country is found in the few,  there is less
attention given to the true market value of crude oil...The
addiction has distorted the perceptions of all involved and
has devolved as an argument relevant to the global
economy first, stewardship of the planet second.  
The impact upon the fossil fuel industry will be most profound...  

To the extent we fall short of 100% neutralization of practices harmful to our
environment- and/or consumption of finite resources- we then become hypocrites
(with the malice associated to knowing) incrementally proportionate to this failed
outcome. To the extent our stated concern is genuine both in perception and
application relies fully upon the actions associated with our stated intentions.
The world went global long after it already had.  Long gone is the sense of
a national isolation.  If ever to exist at all- it would have been only up to the
point non-indigenous peoples began to arrive upon any given continent.  
And, during that period in the prelude, there was no context lending to
relevance.  The business of the world IS our business- just as our
business IS the business of the world.
As the first order of business, let’s get the emotional response
out of the way…The technology has long been available and
the world as a whole should have begun the ‘weaning’ process
long ago.
Well, for Shits Sake...
Sorry Kids, We
thought the world
was ending