In the United States there is a need to update the appearance of our currency to include more
modern patriots- those whose contributions were critical in the advancement of noble cause.
The inclusion of denominational depictions of noble women and people of color would more
accurately reflect modern society and, in fact- tribute those who toiled/persevered without
recognition; it would also convey that the true wealth of the United States is found in both
material prosperity and the character of its citizens.
Contrary to widely help perceptions, money is not the "root of all evil"...

In the United States the majority of our citizens use
money for transactions on a daily basis. It is left to
others to argue whether or not Americans maintain an
unhealthy reverence for money.

The appearance of our money is significant. The words and graphic depictions
on money function to represent basic collective values and the implied
personification of the character traits believed of ourselves to admire. Our
money reveals to us information along a continuum pertaining to a sense of a
national beginning on up to the point of present.  Should the words and
depictions more represent the values we hold as noble and worthy of

Over time it has been human diversity evolving to a position poised to soon
be recognized as our nations greatest resource. To the extent our nation
matures in a role benefiting a greater humanity it will be our diversity
assuming the most esteemed- and valued export.
If society is dominated by a particular race (eg caucasian) and gender (male) as many
proclaim to be the case in United States, evidence of this influence will permeate virtually all
facets of the culture. As more a matter of consequence rather then intent, societies with similar
profiles will be inherently structured to favor those who resemble the profile of its founders.
Consistent with the characteristics of life itself, the use of
currency can represent a broad spectrum of applications.
Money can be a significant factor contributing to sustained
.  Or, to great heartache....
Across the globe money functions as the token of trade among
individuals and peoples who would not otherwise associate. Without
The overall influence of money includes some features obvious and some more

What would be the enigmatic influence of something- largely unchanged for
decades- and handled with high frequency from early-youth onward?

From the inception of a nation forward, the American Revolution
continues to this day. As a nation we have slowly evolved in
understanding that 'justice for all' applies to all people as opposed to an
application reserved exclusively for those who must closely resemble the
cash they would carry.  
Hypothetically Speaking...
There are both words and graphic depictions on our currency-do these features have
influence beyond the role as lubricant to the mechanisms of commerce?
Does our nation’s currency represent something beyond the obvious
associations related to wealth and/or the ability to purchase?
Virtually all leaders, past and present, would feel quite honored by the notion of having their
own likeness represented upon the currency of a nation. It seems correct to tribute the lives
and contributions of our founders...Also seeming correct would be the acknowledging the true
beauty of their vision lies within those things they did not, and could not, have ever
envisioned. We honor these men not so much for what they were, but more for what they
have become...
The Point?

Okay...well there is really no delicate way to put this...Of all the denominations of
currency in the United States, the people depicted on paper and coin are all white males.
(The Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea dollar coins actually function to support this
claim as opposed to a legitimate citation as evidence to the contrary).
Is it preposterous to wonder if our currency is predisposed to gravitate to
those who most  look like their money?  Does the person of a minority
experience a sensation that money is a transitory asset, only briefly held,  en
route to the ultimate destiny of converting to white wealth?
recognized currency, fair and cooperative trade would be rare- if at all existent.  The nature
of that remaining would be the acquisition of goods through force- and delivery of services
compulsory...much like it was centuries ago.
The beneficial consequences would far surpass those most would anticipate...

change for the dollar

more then money

Is it preposterous to wonder if our currency is predisposed to gravitate to those who most look like their money?