And you think we’re reviled now?!  Any remaining credibility associated with our
stated noble intentions instantly and forever-more vaporized. Hell no we cannot   
presume all interests in the Middle East will disappear…We long ago became a big
player in global affairs.  

One of the premier issues of the era centers upon our over-reliance upon
'foreign oil'.
When considered as a phrase
of language, the term ‘Foreign
Oil” misleads into believing the
two words are synonymous and
In combination  the two
words   dilute the
meaning of the other.

If we were to thoroughly
discuss the issue in
present context,  we would
likely find the real priority
is not ‘Foreign Oil’, it is….
oil…the issue is oil.
The fact that we must import large
amounts to propel our machines is
certainly troubling as it heightens our
vulnerability but, over the years this
concern has seldom, if ever, risen
beyond the status of an
What about the ‘foreign’ part of the equation? Do we understand it that
once we are self-sufficient we will then simply pack up our poles and go

- “you can keep your oil now, thanks”...  “You
can resume fighting with your neighbors"
be sure to call us when
Hitler invades Poland…
“Let me tell you
something that we
Israelis have against
Moses. He took us 40
years through the
desert in order to
bring us to the one
spot in the Middle
East that has no oil!”
Golda Meir