Pretty much anytime you
hear a politician use
the phrase ‘then the
terrorists win’ another
civil liberty is about to
lose tissue from a
region  ‘just sittin’
around anyway’
" We will closely monitor" would be the mantra...  

Are the necessary mechanisms in place to assure the rights of the
individual are not compromised in a fashion greatly
disproportionate to necessity?
How is it possible to assure the optimal balance for a collective
humanity while simultaneously protecting the rights of the

To what extent have we already forfeited some facets of liberty?

Would those who arrived before our time be shocked at the state of
current affairs?

Or, Would they agree that the for the protection of humanity,
restrictions of any measure would be fully justified?
If technology allows the monitoring of all liberties as
they occur, then liberty converts to 'allowance'  and
statements so recently regarded as 'paranoia' begin
to reflect  reality with no attribution given to the
speaker then, and forever more- regarded as
'Mentally Ill'
Issues relevant        to relevant-need are much more easily
subjected to frequent review and discussion. In matters of
convenience discussion becomes perceived as superfluous and
rarely necessary.

If a citizen knows little of
the constitution it is more
likely the result of non-use
as opposed to oblivious
ignorance. M

At the dawn of a new millennium there are many who fear the liberties
of the individual may be in peril.  Some would argue the evidence exists
to suggest these liberties may have already been compromised.
Perhaps those of our ancestors who warned of a 'police state' would be
appalled at the rights we have already been seduced to forfeit...All in
the name of protection.
There is a world- and it is this one.  It is a world addicted to fossil
fuels and violence while population growth proceeds unabated.
Meanwhile, the ever-increasing surveillance capabilities
bequeathed by technology, may well equate to increasing restraints
placed upon individual liberty.

As a nation- and a pervasive species-  there has been insufficient
discussion dedicated to the topic of the potential infringement allowed
by technology and required by society (or is it reverse in order?).  In
juxtaposition to the other the two do not always align.

If human judgment defers to the evidence availed through
technology, the restriction of liberties run risk of becoming a matter
of convenience... Colored by the perceived necessity, applications
derived from convenience lessen the meaning of those applications
addressing threats regarded authentic.  
As we lose liberties
things begin to look
more like all is