If we expose the future to the negative consequences of our freedoms then we
were never really free.  Who are they that suffer the most, the ‘we’ of the present
or the ‘we’ of the future…the deluded or the polluted?  It is the ‘us’ of now who
suffer most as we proceed with practices fully contrary to the suppressed voice of
instinct within.
Our ancestors would have surely wondered often what 'they' would be like in the future.  Here
we are the 'they' referred to in the past.  We are 'they' today and 'them' of yesterdays
tomorrow.  As it has always been, the actions and politics of the day will bear great influence in
shaping future generations.

Perhaps it is difficult to envision that we will be better tomorrow as we have
become conditioned to believe humanity is in continuous cultural decline.  A
perceived powerlessness of the individual yields to the 'they' among the
present to function as masters of a collective destiny- gravitating lower
through lose of individual definition and autonomy.  

We have authorized 'them' to guide us in the direction of a 'great' day in which all
of humanity agrees to participate in mutual annihilation.  We will say it is not the

fault of 'us' and 'they' will say it was done with our permission.  The hope for an
'us' that would have effected a more favorable outcome would be lost as it is discovered too
late that 'we', as individuals,  were all along intended to be the transcendent 'us'.

The ‘we’ of the future may well enter this world under conditions perhaps best euphemistically described as
‘biblical’. They will know there was a time when humanity lived atop soil and walked the earth fully exposed to
the sun.  They will know it was we who missed the opportunity as antiquated thinking prevented innovative
harness of applied knowledge and technology.  Looking back to present times from future frame it will then
seem so obvious- those actions we could have so easily taken.
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