The 'R’-word
Throughout the course of human history there have been
countless social revolutions.  Relative to individual perspective,
The most prominent feature present in the vast majority of these revolutions is the presence
of violent conflict.  No matter how noble a nation is perceived-or perceives self-to be, there
are broken promises and violence throughout and within every facet and phase.
The (new) 'N'-word
As a result of repeated revolutionary violence without accountability,  the term 'revolution' has inherited
a number of negative connotations.  As time and events advanced to the modern era violent revolution
began to take on social qualities.  Though very subtle at first, a new element had been introduced to
the notion of revolution.  Few, if any, recognized this element would, or will, eventually eliminate the
need for violence to to resolve dispute among peoples
Periodically, circumstances align that create the conditions favorable to great positive change.  
Humanity often fails to fully realize the window of opportunity.  This failure to respond then
manifests as tedious micro-revolutions chasing an outcome that could have occurred in
abbreviation if only recognition and a desire for change had been present early in development.
Humanity now steps into a new era; a sense of imminent and great change can be
sensed.  Already occurring are some indicators that a revolution in thought has
begun... soon to be widely recognized...
Coming Soon to an Area Near You
the merit of any one or more of these revolutions is largely determined by the
beholders status within the entity of the perceived victor.