Change in Climate?
With no visible tribute to grand irony it can often
be heard…‘Show me the science behind the
claims of global warming’…from those who
proclaim a world created in 7 days a mere 6000
years ago.  
Why would one assert there is no evidence to back the dire predictions of global warming and associated
catastrophes?  If a toxic substance  is released into the atmosphere over many years with ever increasing
portion...What of 'other' possibly could?
Imagine in some parallel universe there is a world in which the rules of natural
laws are identical to those of our own excepting they can burn fossil fuels with
absolute impunity.  Would this be some claim to fame?  Would intergalactic
tourists be attracted to this  particular world knowing they could burn gasoline to
their hearts content?

There will be no faction of any significance  evoking the memories of wie visionaries
who knew no warming would result from unchecked use of fossil fuels.  There is simply
no interest in predictions pertaining to non-events never occuring...It's BORING!
Would  humanity stand to benefit if indeed the burning of fossil fuels caused no harm?  Of course
not...The proclamation of 'no harm' is a right-wing nut  idea with no upside to being correct... It is a
feeble 'mind-trick' designed to deflect accountability to consequence- both in the present, and from
the future.  It is reliance upon plausible ignorance to assuage guilt and culpability.
If I'd known I was going to
live this long, I would have
taken better care of myself
Eubie Blake
II would have long ago
stopped  eating donuts for
breakfast if I would have
known my ass would get
this fat.
I was expecting better from
those damn monkeys but I
understand my relative sway
in the universe.
Mother Earth