There is a facet to human nature that threatens to compound the harm.  It is the
human instinct to accelerate production and consumption when faced with finite
supplies and/or unsustainable practices.  In the context of ever-increasing world
population (and wealth understood through the lens of accumulation and
consumption)  decreasing resources may well trigger (if it has not already) a
'feeding-frenzy" to 'get fair share' 'before it's gone'
Respect your Mother

The validity of the science underwriting the theory of warming is of secondary importance.  The
larger issue is that of respecting the planet within the context of sustainable practices relative to
finite supplies.
If the primitive side to human nature detects a shortage/threat we tend to behave in
irrational ways.  Perceiving selves as inherently rational the instinctive impulses
leading to annihilation enter through numerous portals scarcely guarded. Chaos and
pandemic social unrest emerge to immediately precede the shortages brought by
severed supply lines.  Soon to follow is an environmental holocaust- for which those
around to behold will- never see the recovery.
Our current practices are not sustainable and this is an issue capable
of standing on it's own regardless to whether or not (and how could it
not)  the planet  itself is trying to communicate the need for change.  
The issue has become one of 'Respect'...Respect for Mother Earth.  
If we do not respect our 'Mother' we will not respect ourselves.  This is
always a very bad thing.

'Sorry Kids...
We thought
the world
was ending'

If nothing is done to curb an unsustainable lifestyle/economy then it
is an issue of fundamental integrity to proceed in recognition we
hold no credible claim to concern for future generations. To the
extent the world community falls short relative the neutralization of
practices harmful to environment (and/or consumption of finite
resources)  it then becomes hypocritical (with the malice associated
to knowing) incrementally proportionate to this failed outcome. To
the extent a stated concern is genuine, both in perception and
application, relies fully upon the actions in alignment with the cause.
sustainability recipe

Sorry Kids


The issue has become one of 'Respect'...Respect for Mother Earth. If we do not respect our 'Mother' we will not respect ourselves. This is always a very bad thing.