Young Man I Must Tell you...
Young woman what will you do when you grow old long before you
pass?  Will you still believe the young mans lie when he includes you in
the plan to die?  Have you forgotten who you never were or, are you
waiting for the person you wanted to be?…

Young lady where are you when we need you most?  Your young man
wants to destroy the world...unaware this will be his demise- unaware it
will be for all.  Unbridled unfocused masculinity- so simple, so
destructive- coalesces as a singular force.  Crushing that which you
would nurture, Corrupting that which you have brought.

Young lady, I beg your ear...your young man wants to start a fight.  Tell
the child you are not impressed- he huffs and puffs just for you.  Show
him the ways of nurture and compassion- he will someday understand.  
Bring your ways to the streets...churches...justice...the institutions of
influence.  Show the world a better way...

That world has women being women...
Not women emulating men.
In the shadow of tomorrow
a wanting young woman
wishes not to be
the 'she' that has become

It is now knowing true
what intuition feared
the unrelenting doubt
that wisdom brought

Young men piss boundaries
begging to be crossed,
'cause' then gifted
gives license to all forms
of recreational violence.

Men start Wars

where are you


It is now knowing true what intuition feared the unrelenting doubt that wisdom brought

The child turned to boy- presumes old-age the cause of a faraway passing. He ponders
little the nature of either.  The man in the middle- contemplates with dread- the
unknown attributes of both.  The aging man at the far repeats all he has ever been told
presuming false wisdom the crown jewel of legacy.

You have gained no wisdom... Only accumulated fear of that representing all you
thought you once were.  Young men the world wide- desecrate a beauty they claim to
cherish as unwise old men- arbiters of the preordained- rattle the chains of violence
and destruction one last time before they are dead.

Accumulated masculine folly gains greater mass as catastrophic events hastily emerge
in service to mere survival.  Pandemic foolishness varies only in method of application
as manifested through destructive pursuits and childish language...  There is no
measure of meaningful counter-challenge as 'the-way-things-are' becomes the
benefactor of the confounding immunity blessed only to the profoundly absurd.

Young men start wars as powerful men- seeing selves as aged and wise- endorse  
violence to avert the internal threat of youth finding better.  Words of diplomacy
descend to retribution as old men-no longer able to make a fist- live vicariously through
the imagined heroes of alter-ego in exploitation of the young--dieing to heed their

It is young men sufficiently nourished, accelerated by testosterone, who seek avenues
of expression...  It is a lack of individual purpose-sensed providing no protection from
the toxic precipitant all about.

Absent the need for constant vigilance to sustenance, young men with idle time, step to
the sway of exaggerated evolutionary drives.  

The way is lost when the path presents as a dirt road pocked and stained by the visible
reminders of violent conflict.  The young man so recently a child succumbs to the
influence of dark forces expressed through destructive applications- well practiced- and
perceived inevitable.   

Where will the next fight take place?  This will be determined by 'visionaries' in control--
unwittingly catering to the aimless passions of young men influencing course and
dictating method.  These are the conditions found in all nations across the world.
(AKA History's Greatest 'WMD')