If there is ever any good realized by the presence of
Nuclear Weapons in our world, perhaps it will come in the
recognition that Nuclear Weapons function as the ultimate
symbol for the evil, futility, and great sadness of war.
Those nations who 'HAVE' recognize the unimaginable
destructive power of NWMD's and will never use them.
Well...one of the 'haves' already 'has'.....

In reality, it is the nation who has Nuclear Weapons
functioning as the greatest threat to a collective world
community. This is obvious is it not?!!

It is, but then again, not...

Many have become convinced that Nuclear Weapons present a
threat only when in the hands of a designated enemy perhaps
failing to recognize that 'possession' is one of the few mandatory
prerequisite conditions in assessing probability.

As an American, 'I' claim to be 'we' and we 'have'. We are also
'those who once did' and our reluctance to say 'never again'
may well make 'us' the greatest threat.

And for those who perceive that we perceive them as
It is likely many would fear the probability of a 'next time' is more likely for one who
'has' given precedent and recollection of how objectives were perceived to have
been swiftly realized following the last deployment.  Perhaps it is the threat of 'using'
that represents an evil on a plane shared with actual deployment.
Regardless of interpretation we have no choice other then
to acknowledge we were the first, only, and last to use
Nuclear Weapons.  Perhaps 'Nuclear Nostalgia' shares in
common with similar forms of recollection in that it too
recalls most readily those associations positive.

The use of nuclear weapons targeted at perceived enemies would elicit a response
transcending the deepest hate.  It is not an option- ever!...and we all know this to be
My country has stated the position that the use of nuclear weapons is an option 'left
on the table'.  Meanwhile the US houses the most powerful military in world history.  
We have advanced weapons and superior training.  If to view violent conflict
sometimes necessary-  The US can 'bring-it" with frightening efficiency.

And Yet...
* This of course
would depend
upon the 'very
unlikely' being
existent. And that
would be the
notion that it
actually is
possible to justify
the use of Nuclear
We talk of. 'tactical nukes' as if such would be widely endorsed if the
circumstances warrant.  Given the catastrophic
environmental/political consequences of use
we know nuclear
weapons can never again be used.  If all potential foes are of lesser
strength there is no rationale for justification
* and the premier
threat originates from "the bully just crazy enough to do it"
One day humanity will rid the world of Nuclear Weapons.
This outcome will not originate from desire to avoid full
annihilation; it will derive from a universal sense that
conflict can be resolved without sanctioned violence.

the realization that life on a planet is the most improbable occurrence in the

nuclear proposition

never use

our reluctance to say 'never again' may well make 'us' the greatest threat