nuclear cloud
Doesn't matter who came up with the's ours now dammit.  With possession comes obligation and this
mandifests us to share the wisdom to assure the world is safe for democracy!
And so...As the 'Nuclear Family' continues to expand...'Nuclear Family Values' emerges as a notion
indeed worthy of pursuit:)
Within contemporary society the alleged attributes of the 'Nuclear Family'
Sounds kinda dangerous to me but, whatever...Surely what is good for one is good for all...  M.
can be heard proclaimed as both self-evident and mandatory as a component within the
greater social infrastructure.

'Nuclear Quadrangulation' (NQ)...

NQ involves randomly-assigned partnerships of participating allied and/or
adversarial nations through the creation of small adopted 'nuclear families'.
teed up earth
finger spin globe
blue colored book
4 Nuclear Warheads
4 Silos
4 Participating Nations
1  Pick Partner
2 Sign Exchange Agreement
3 Aim Warheads at Ona Another
As a general courtesy  'Exchange Partners' (EP's)
are encouraged set 'Receipt Protocols' to assure
equitable distribution of resources.  (large
population centers with 1 or more 'National
Treasure(s)' within same 'Zip Code')
No Favoritism Now...

As with any 'adopted' family, there is a necessity to assure equal attention
is afforded all members. A cooperative and equitable arrangement within
the 'family' would also involve the inclusion of 'guest custodians' whose 6-month assignment
would be to live on-site to perform basic custodial and maintenance duties on their assigned silo.
earth maintanence
Not just any silo...
Although in a foreign land, there will be a sentimental familiarity to the whole experience....
The guest custodians for any silo in any country will be caring for the silo that houses the
ICBM aimed at the very region of the nation from which they originate.
six shooter
miss america
closer look
Polished to a reflective shine' will be the defining phrase to convey nothing less then the highest standards of
maintenance and aesthetics. "If you can't see yourself in reflection you ain't tryin...'" Anything less then the
established standards will cause a launch delay not only for the 'slackers' of the troubled silo but also the
other three within the network. ..."And if you ain't tryin' there can be no dyin'" Nothing like a little 'social
disapproval' to inspire team-focus!
One small family inextricably linked by possession of 1 complex segment of four
launch code components all of which require authenticated written approval and

What is the protocol to address potential ‘rouge’ nations who perceive
themselves not involved in the specified conflict? What if these selfish
bastards refuse to honor the agreement?
There really seems to be a limit to the number of great deeds we, as
key activation from the top leaders of all 4 participants in order to assure all 4 launch
simultaneously. Obviously this approach carries a potential flaw, likely recognized by most...
Rogue Nations...
C'est la vie...
common citizens, can achieve on the world stage. You and I cannot be
expected to solve issues in the realm of global politics to assure
honored commitments and orderly destruction. We do not
carry the guns, bombs, and hardware necessary to
fight a war- the citizens of any given enemy nation
would find similar circumstance. The creativity and
persistence of professional
diplomats will be required to insure
all participating nations honor
their solemn commitment to a
civilized and orderly nuclear

Contrary to popular belief, the destruction of all Creation
would require unprecedented cooperative effort.
diversity common cause

Sister Silos program solves Nuclear Warhead dilemma

Nuclear Family Values


all participating nations honor their solemn commitment to a civilized and orderly nuclear exchange.

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