Heal Thyself
If ya dont understand your
individual liberties-as they are
to be both applied and
honored in reciprocation- How
is it punishment to take them
As society evolves the definition of
rehabilitation will be better understood
and widely applied. The tools of .
rehabilitation will allow greatly reduced recidivism as the individual convict is allowed
the functional practice of options applicable to both the environment of prison and
society as well. It will be in the aggregate realization where it will be discovered that the
opportunity to self-determine is the premier inextricable component to successful
Is that a fact?...
An increased focus upon rehab is inevitable as society
continues to evolve.  Lessons will be learned rather then
imposed.  Individual destiny will be determined by the
individual. How do we secure this outcome while
simultaneously honoring the needs of society to impose
consequence? How do we assure civility while simultaneously
communicating to the convict the expectations society demands ot the individual
professing to be rehabilitated?
Is this it?...
Perhaps the essence of 'authentic rehabilitation' is to
assure the convict is placed in control of their own destiny.
Society is rendered vulnerable when exposed to the
consequences of former convicts who only say they have
Society renders the benefit of doubt up front in the form of
'innocent until proven guilty' now the burden of proof lies
Don't tell me to 'not do'
as you have
done...Show me what
you've learned.
Applied Rehab (aka 'Shock and Awe Rehab')...
with the ex-convict who is encouraged to understand it is "Citizenship
Pending Demonstation" as the entire nation 'toasts' in tribute to the
state motto of Missouri. Society has no interest in the embrace of ex-cons; we do have
great interest in the embrace of the 'Prodigal'
At some point soon after incarceration the convict is required
to declare intent when posed a simple inquiry..."Do you intend
to one day live successfully in society"? or- "Do you choose
not to participate in an "interactive rehabilitation"? Two very
divergent futures follow relative to chosen destiny; there is a
sense of integrity found in both   
Those who chose not to participate will be required to serve the full
sentence within a conventional prison environment. Those who
desire eventual integration into a greater society chose both, a very
different correctional environment and curriculum. This alternative
environment will be designed to foster development of values both,
reflective of, and applicable to, society as a whole.

Effective rehabilitation will occur through participation in a
functional society contained within the fences of prison. Matters of
self-government, laws, applied justice, education and philanthropy
will be developed by consensus. All inmates will be required to
have cellmates of different race. In all organized activities, chosen
or prescribed, racial integration is mandatory.
Ultimately, it is not the task of society to rehabilitate the criminal
primarily for the reason it is impossible to accomplish. It must be the
individual criminal who decides this very term should not permanently
be attached to their own name. It must be the individual who either
does, or does not, assume responsibility for their own destiny. From
the point of arrest and up to incarceration all significant conversations
In a gesture of good-will, society agrees to provide the resources necessary to assure
positive outcome has its best chance. In return for success within a prison society the
convict is eligible for a reduction in sentence.
As the individual inmate ponders his/her decision they should
understand that the definition of 'good-time' has changed... It is now a
focus upon 'good deeds done' as opposed to 'bad deeds avoided'.
Once granted freedom, a condition of probation will be a
requirement to provide consultation to one or more prison
communities. The once convict now returns with valuable
information pertaining to both life in and out the prison
environment. Perhaps hope would be the most valuable commodity
shared by one of societies newest returning members.
and activities have been controlled and/or initiated by others. The presentation of 2
options early in a prison sentence demands an unavoidable decision to be declared.