law book
penal code
Perhaps aggregate
meaning gains nuance
through exploration of
the more contentious
social issues. There are
junctions where doubt,
instability, volatility,
and contingencies... All
seem to merge in a
conspiracy to sabotage
unwavering certainty.
These are the issues
neither fully contained
nor ever fully immune, to  the
power of individual conviction.
Of the limited issues
conforming to this criteria,
most would agree that the issue
of Capital Punishment/Death
Penalty accommodates just
such characterization.
Death Penalty
Is there a problem?

From the perspective of a just consequence to major crime(s), a fundamental problem with
the 'Death Penalty' lies in the constraints associated with anything close to sober and
judicious application.

The typical complaint heard from proponents of capital punishment is the notion that the
process of appeals takes far too long and absorbs inordinate resources. While this
argument may have merit, any movement to abbreviate the process seems to lack not
only legitimizing merit, but also passion and/or organization. There seems to be a virtually
universal understanding that any incarnation of capital punishment must include the
procedures to assure an innocent person is never executed- well at least 'to the extent
humanly possible'....right?
justiced delayed?

Even if...

The notion of executing an innocent person is an argument too often "poo-pooed" as opposed to
held in high regard as the paramount issue to which all other concerns fall a far distant second. It
is an argument regarded as illegitimate by virtue of perceived improbability of occurrence.
Planet Whatiff?...

Through the span of infinite time and unlimited circumstance 'probability' converts to
'certainty' within the vast expanse of 'all things possible'.  If the nature of all things
eternal is to return in cycle, it is you and I who shall one day be the victim of grave
injustice through the mechanisms of the flawed institutions we may-in the present- fully
embrace... If that probability exists we have indeed subscribed to an institution not
anchored in that known to be universally 'just'.
death row
So what?

The incarceration of an innocent person is a reprehensible miscarriage of justice...
is any doubt reasonable?
The execution of an innocent person is a reprehensible travesty that can never be fully atoned-
making mockery of high principle...Principle merely claimed by one as a representation of self
and society...
The application of justice by irreversible measure (State-Sanctioned death being a
great example) seems unlikely to co-exist as a component to any continuum of
'prudent' and/or 'just' application of collectively imposed consequence
hot seat
tools of the trade
the innocent

death penalty

is there a problem


capital punishment actually punishes the victim


It is an identity prescribed by others if the beholder is unable to identify it is  all
within constituency
the Individual who also suffers if party to the death of an
innocent victim....

We can only hope our end is quick as it is you and I to whom death is brought
despite our innocence. Our fate will be much more prolonged and uncertain if we
represent the powerful hand responsible for the murder of one who did not kill as
you trusted I was so certain they did.  My sources were not as sound as I
thought but you can trust I shall act to assure it never again occurs. You will
proceed with equal precaution...won't you?...Yah?