In the United States

In the US there is a prevailing belief that a collectively applied justice
remains largely true to the spirit and intent of the higher-principles
from which it is perceived to have derived...
Is this really true?
Perhaps more likely the case...We are fundamentally good people in a fashion
equivalent to a collective humanity. We have a material wealth we sometimes perceive
equates to making us better- if only for the reason we believe it should. We experience
the sensation of destiny but still feel a bit of guilt for the consequences associated with
the last time we expressed a similar sentiment.

We perceive our country to exercise a brand of justice both fair and advanced. Up
to the point at which thoughtful deliberation is given to fair assessment of guilt this
notion could be reasonably argued as being so. Justice becomes tainted when
application derives from the creation of consequences by law-abiding authors to
which they themselves would seek to avoid- and for crimes most-unlikely to be
From the vantage point of relative affluence many of the deeds
affiliated with crime simply serve no function.  The disparate
risk-to-reward ratio holds all but the tastiest of crimes to no


For those In the midst of chaos, crime, and poverty, many crimes are committed to fulfill
immediate needs 'very real'...And the prison thus constructed may well be the 'castle' we
can't see.
we the people

true to principle

often unjust

And the prison thus constructed may well be the 'castle' we can't see