To the many noble people guided by faith found through
religion, it would seem a logical desire and even fair-request
to not be infringed upon by the agenda of those considered

And, this would be a reasonable request if aggregate
religion assumed proper place in the societies of  humanity.  
But, it does not.

Religion gets away with crimes through outcomes in polar opposition to that it would
claim- and truly believe- to be the case.   While  cited evidence may be plausible or,
even verifiable, the interpretation and applications convert to a representation fully
contrary to that which the believer would, with conviction, proclaim.  It is good people-
who subconsciously know they are good people- believing and behaving in ways
dramatically divergent to, a greater awareness and, a pursuit of higher morality.  
It is good people who do not know they are good people because favorable results are
seen to derive exclusively from the works of a god (as defined within the constraints of
human imagination)...Simultaneously, many of these same people would assert a close
exists in the name of 'free-will'.

When good people share in fellowship with other good people there is a degree of presumptive immunity relative to
negative/evil influence.   It would only be presumed that which is done and said in the name of God surely would
represent nothing 'other'...It is a presumption 'correct' 99% of the time.
The mass delusion is then made
more believable by virtue of an
occupied position in exact
polar-opposition to reality...
not by matter of degree,
but by being in precise
alignment straight
across the void

It is decent- and otherwise humble people- canvassing the globe falling to understand/incorporate the teachings of
other belief systems. Full faith and righteousness- even in alignment with noble intent- obscures the appreciation
that proclaiming to know the message of God  and the path to  salvation is high-form  arrogance absent any rival in
It would seem gods despising people of other gods would translate to gods despising other
gods...One-gods are all-powerful and enjoy the luxury to demand anything, at anytime, by
anybody, for any reason.

If only to exist....  

But one-gods do not recognize other one-gods...Nor do they speak to or negotiate with...
...it is against their definition.  

If God is Great, it doesn't mean
we suck...it means good people
can be really-good people when
they will it to be so.
If to Logically Equate...
By far, the most effective way to rid
the world of religious persecution
would be to rid the world of religious
The higher-morality religion would claim to enhance, fails through its own contradictory elements.  In the absence
of consensus, religion seeks to condemn all  alternative deities a 'false'- in effect casting dispersion on all others,
while simultaneously claiming a love for humanity lost only to those failing to 'chose'

But, there is a problem...It is found in the remaining 1%

Religion has little to do with any deity associated to higher virtue- As a
result, it renders outcomes and attitudes that fully negate any positive

It is in the equating the inevitability of human-fallibility with some sort of
'fatal-flaw' consequential to mere existence as a physical being.
In the purveyance of parables and
'tall-tales' There is greatly diminished
accountability to fact.
If the content of that sold as
'100%-True' falls fractionally short to
unassailable accuracy...it is a LIE