Religion often proclaims adulation for the childlike spirit- attributing to the very young both
innocence and malleability.   While it is undeniable these traits have positive applications and
associated virtue there is also the tendency to ‘do’, as instructed, and accept the ‘truth’ is as told.

Do they have Sunday School in Heaven?

I will not presume your response but I will tell you how my inner-child would respond… You think
sittin’ in church for 1-2 hours is a long time?... try eternity!… Uh, when is this over…can we go
someplace else now?

If there is an after-life, how is it possible the nature of that existence would have little or nothing in
common with a life lived upon earth? If it is virtue to kill enemies upon earth is it the absence of a
gun or spilled blood that gives heaven distinction?  Or, maybe in heaven all others look and believe
as ‘one’ in the total absence of conflict; existing in eternal harmony.

Have fun…think I’ll take a nap.

Is there religion in heaven?  
“…Good Heaven… No!
Hell? “Hell…yes”


Are we presuming the standards of good living are fully irrelevant in the after-life? If you think
death brings rest- you’re probably an atheist.