beholding that a literal interpretation has no more, or
less, veracity then all other ‘takes'.
For centuries countless numbers of people from all walks of life have
endeavored to find definitive interpretation of biblical passages.   Still others
proclaim biblical text is unequivocally clear when viewed literally while
simultaneously regarding, as insignificant or evil, the perceptions of those ’
Bible Mystery...Solved!
.For those who detect a need for interpretation there is
at least a sense of intrigue and perhaps a willingness to
conceive that not all text within aligns in accordance to
the pre-ordained.  Perhaps the trap that remains is the
sense that the mysteries of human existence could be
understood by deciphering an existent riddle in which
answers/solutions are perceived to exist in a state of
hibernation merely awaiting discovery.  Presumably,
such an accomplishment would reveal critical information
relevant to the past and future of humanity.
Presently, there exists
no consensus on
method nor is there a
universal understanding
of that which is
proclaimed to be sought
and/or what it would look
like if attained.  
scholars, prophets,
and douchbags have
generated much text,
speculation, and a number
of vibrant "cottage"
industries.  The search for
patterns, mathematical
rhythms, obscure
allegorical references, etc
makes it not even possible
to establish  a point from
which to start.  
Understanding the mysteries of the bible and other works of holy text
remains largely elusive.  Many find any one interpretation
indistinguishable from all others.  Certainly there is appeal in some of
the more creative interpretations but the search for a verified
legitimate point of origination invariably returns to a level never
surpassing the status of speculation and rarely more then just
outright 'goofy’.
Simply Beautiful

Things perceived often represent things authentic if only by virtue
of a common   delusion shared with one another…Indeed there is
a great mystery deriving from the content between the covers of
the Bible.  A mystery brilliantly conceived and beautifully
disguised.  It is a mystery seldom solved and a treasure rarely
claimed.  The more diligently sought, the less likely found.  It is a
process made complicated through the process of looking for the