A child beholds religion/Santa Claus and sees both
goodness and purpose.  She is informed that life on earth
is short; sacrifice and discipline is necessary in
preparation for the future- that future is broadly agreed to
be eternity spent with a loving God (and/or lots of toys)
Perhaps the greatest leap of faith is that
which is intrinsic to the very notion of
supposing legitimacy...

With basic needs met, in an environment both secure and enriched with
the care and respect of  family,  a child hears of a God both loving and
patient- there no reason to believe it
Unbeknown to child and teacher alike, the 'seeds of doubt' were first sown when
there was 'none'.  It was the beauty and comfort in found in a story presented and
'taken' as  'absolute truth'.  
Life advances through time and the child begins to experience events and
perspectives challenging the idyllic perceptions heretofore held as indisputable...
The moment of 'doubt' arrived with little warning (puberty can have this effect)...What
is the Missing Child to do?
The ‘child-no-longer’ soon becomes an adult- now better understanding just how
short life on earth truly is.  With this understanding comes the realization that-  though
time on earth has never been less-  it is way too long to endure in isolation and
misery, fear, and/or simple acceptance of things that just cannot be true.
Faith without
was.  M
with works
is not.
Within a faith- considered whole- there are countless components necessarily
dependent upon all others in contribution.  If any one of these components
inherits the blemish of 'Doubt'  there is no proportionate lesser 'Absolute'.
Faith as the nearly exclusive prerequisite to ‘salvation’ contributes to positive
plans in the future just not those of any use on earth.  With the only attendant
obligation being that of converting the sinner through a promise to which the sole
purpose is delivery of relief that one won’t go to hell-  The ultimate ‘playing not to
lose’ proposition.
Full-Faith in another's explanation of matters unseen is
'brainwashing'  .  It is a brainwashing reinforced by brainwashing as
those under the influence look outward, projecting the torment of an
elective affliction to be the experience of others seen to be oblivious to
their own suffering

Faith in existence of the unseen enhances the experience with intrigue
and inspires a fulfilling curiosity.  Faith in a mystery sharpens the
perception of beauty and the moment.  
My faith is restricted...
to the knowing that you believe.
I do too just not like you.  
I believe I am wrong
and I have faith...
finding you makes two.  
For I believe with all my heart...
I know nothing to be truly true
Some say ‘God is
everything or God
is nothing’...could
be true I guess.
There is a word  for those who
accept the invitation from
another to believe in things not
seen without search…well 2
words really… ‘cult’ and