Of the many things observed upon
entrance he will likely see a depiction
of an ancient devise used in the
application of capital punishment...  
Back to the Story...

Up the stairs and past the cross...Out the door at last!  2 hours of
hell now behind...
but, now it appears like heaven could be worse!  

The child is informed...:

We are to be more like him
Okay, sounds reasonable
But we cant because 'He' is
perfect...we are not
What the!?...
He was nailed to a cross for our sins
In Jesus we have a person who is actually a god (although does being the 'Son-of-God' make a
God by default?-or, would this be a comparative absurdity as if to proclaim the son of a President
is the President?)

To the title many other attributes are said to exist...  Jesus can heal with his hands, walk on water,
change water to wine, create great feasts from minimal resources, etc.  His death was planned and
blessed by his own father but he arose from the dead 3 days later.  
Someday the child will grow and learn (as he was told) his first reaction was attributable to a
young mind unable to comprehend the complexities of the gospel.  The child, now-a-man is now
ready for his now-ready child to attend church; and this time it will be as a family.   

The experience as an adult is pleasant in many ways.  Within the congregation there can be
found some of the most genuine and kind people in the world.  The music is beautiful and there is
the opportunity to network with those who also
hold in high-regard the notions of respect,
kindness, and charity.  There are many children all about and they are good kids with good

It's all-or-nothing now...
“We made it, and we’re not doing so bad” would be the sentiment
of the parents as they innocently forgot to warn their child about
the topic matter…  

NC-17 material is about to be served to a 6 year-old!!
For the first time in a young
life a child enters a Christian
church somewhere in

Minutes later-in the class downstairs-
the child will hear the many virtues
of a Savior named Jesus...
Now when it was you who heard the
crucifixion story the first time, perhaps you
did not react with profanity (although you
can say 'fudge' can't ya?) ...I didn't either.
run from class

"Okay we will see you after Sunday School...Love you sweetie"

A hug, a smile, and off to class
In sentiment and emotion- rare would be
the person who couldn't identify with the
response. Although, rarer still would the
person comfortable in the admission.
The child leaves church that day fearing the consequences of good
deeds done- at some level sensing a fate similar to that of Christ...

The child now perceives not only all-things-bad- but, now even,
all-things-good, possess  many negative attributes  unknown in nature.

Any one of the above attributes/abilities is immune to replication by any other living individual.  But,
this is a 'package-deal'--and it is all far beyond the attainable. The young churchgoer- now officially
a member of the congregation- has been given 'the package'... Purchased through a currency of
perpetuated violence.  
which one is it
Free Don

Greatest Story ever told...

Horror story that is


The young churchgoer- now officially a member of the congregation- has been given the package... Purchased through a currency of perpetuated violence

run like hell