about propagation of the species having full
confidence in a human willingness to participate in
the mandatory prerequisite activities
Well good lord,
if this is so,
nothing in common do we share…
so pardon me if I say...
"hell's gonna be heaven
if you and you're friends aren't there"
What if it's True?...

I, and all kindred soul alike, risk the wrath of God, in the event 1-in-100 people are correct and
God is indeed vengeful,  plotted in the death of his own son (but had poor dumb bastards carry
it out), condemns all gay people to eternal damnation?  Well,  repent now cuz there's more...God
then sends his son back to earth (the same son he allowed to be murdered) to create some
strange cocktail of revenge upon the wicked, a thousand year reign of some sort (may sound
familiar to WWII history buffs), and this 'beaming up/rapture' thing.  All this awaits as reward for
those who believe these things are so.
Furthermore, as it pertains to Jesus Christ it was not okay
that he was murdered- never was okay, never will be.  
God was neither directly involved, nor even  complicit, in
the murder of Jesus or any other peaceful soul (or violent
soul for that matter-which kinda sucks sometimes but
who am I to judge).  

Up to, and inclusive of the very moment of the encounter,
my very own '
crimes against deity' could be summarized
as follows:... I have allegated that God had, and has, no
association with the alleged premeditated and deliberate
destruction of either planet or humanity- my God leaves
this decision to us...
Here's another...God does not give a damn about
anybody's sexual orientation...seeking only to acquaint
with all things beautiful and original.  God worries not

I proclaim the following summary to represent assertions by which I stand
irregardless to consequence- unless written otherwise in proven absence of
coercion-for ever and ever, Amen.

I have heard the things you say about the god with whom you proclaim a desire for eternal
company.  To this god you are sure I will offend-you say eternity is long time Mr Sill- with whom
do you desire that time to spend?  Oh…”My God!” I say, “and also of course, with you.”
As I envision the encounter, I fear a case of the jitters given the significance of
the situation (that last cup of coffee didn’t help much either!).  If the ability to
clearly articulate my assertions is compromised let me say now as I will say
then...Perhaps you will speculate on how your God might respond…
As my soul approaches the 'Pearly Gates' I will surely think of the things I've done and said.  
Most prominent on my mind will be the accusations directed at a Creator of the many things God
could not be.  If the stakes are truly the permanence of fate eternal, will I stand by then, the
things I stand by today?  For whom will I speak if not for myself?
"Okay, I'm done"...
Can I talk to the Big Guy?

Pearly Gates


As I envision the encounter, I fear a case of the jitters given the significance of the situation (that last cup of coffee didn't help much either!)