‘You mean all I gotta do is say I believe and I’m in?’

It’s free?!


I think so to the pastor
A collective humanity perceives the need for salvation from an outside
source.  It is likely the fear and misunderstanding of human nature that
makes this so...
As we ponder the legacy of our era some may fear a future humanity standing in disbelief  
while attempting to comprehend the many counter-productive facets of early 21st century
Will it be the destructive activities in which we engaged? Or, will it
be a
failure to complete the tasks then seeming so obvious in
need of our attention?  Will we be regarded as pitifully naive?  
Or, willfully malevolent  and beheld with contempt?
There is a sense that we are not fully absolved accountability for the
actions of our ancestors.  To the extent that it was 'they' who shaped 'us'
we sense there is proximity of influence much closer then we may have
previously perceived.  As we ponder the nature of descendant humanity we
sense possible suffering directly related to our embrace of actions/beliefs in
the direction of
We need comfort in knowing our ancestors rest in peace as we pursue similar outcome
through an effort to live a virtuous life understood to be defined by the causing of no
harm.  Meanwhile, many experience a frustration from a persistent sensation that state
of humanity is not as it could be- along with the perception that there is little, if anything,
the individual can do by way of positive contribution (perhaps even hoping this is so).
There is an inescapable continuity of human influence
upon humanity-this would seem obvious...
It is a fear well-founded as the perception addresses half the equation at best.   
There is an intuition sensing the presence  of indisputable fact. Yet, to fully
understand would render all hope lost.  It is in the beholding of a vast and violent
Universe within which there are no neighbors and none known to have gone before.  
The desire to fully know is tempered by the fear of fully knowing.
The fetus remains innocent up to the point of first breath.  It is an emergence
met by immediate conflict..
.that which is needed to sustain life is that which
must be shared.  The 'body-being' parts company with the 'spiritual being'
never to be fully merged again on earth.
In the practice of your religion,focus upon the spiritual principles in
common with other faiths- then thank your God as you celebrate the
differences cuz it is
there where your ass is gonna find true salvation.
The compulsion to close this gap is likely universal.  Some will
expend great effort in search of Meaning, others will reach for
the intact package of Salvation.  Neither would chose the
'other' and relative merit is defined through perceptions of the
individual.  The 'one-way' is the individual-way...Accomplished
merge only upon death.
The human soul intuitively senses the experience upon earth would be so  much
different if not required to tend the needs affiliated with physical existence.  Individual
paths vary greatly but there will be no physical being fully exempt the
participating and
the gap found between the paths of dual existence will be significant even among those
considered  'Most-Enlightened'

Nature of Salvation

Salvation found elsewhere


there are no neighbors and none known to have gone before. The desire to fully know is tempered by the fear of fully knowing