Upon the moment an individual enters a church, it could be effectively argued that
the individual parishioner is actively soliciting, and willingly in receipt of, preaching
pertaining to common beliefs and the associated behavioral expectations.  Relative
to any given believer it is understandable that joy and great relief could be
experienced upon following a conversion  perceived as equating to a diversion from
the path to eternal damnation.
These`4 Walls

Good for you!  Although...
Many find the aggregate believer becomes irritating at the point he/she seeks to
condemn the behaviors of others when these actions run contrary to a religious
doctrine perceived to be universally understood.  

When "The scriptures are very clear"...There is no doubt,
there is no need for further search.  A fabricated god can do
no wrong...

The ‘devout' would insist upon being misled by nothing less..
As a general approach many are those who would agree the words
of religious doctrine and dogma are best appreciated within the
physical boundaries of a material church.  As it is in Las Vegas, it is
the same for those willfully attending church services..."what is said
here, stays here...that which is ' learned here' leaves attached to
the individual and is applicable to others only in the sense that a
spiritually satisfied person is good company if only to avoid
attempts to fully articulate the source.
As it is when the politician says “we oughta blah,blah,blah” …it is the same when the zealot
proclaimss “as God’s children we should
It is a time for action….Time to change the channel.

It is that time...It is time for
talkin dog
never to be found