Do you know its true or do
think its true?  
think you know its true
but I
know it is not  
know what you know just
as you
know what I don’t
The things that we cant
are the things that are
WeBoRo ("We Bo Wo") is a term applied to the utility by which
the entity of religion upon planet Earth can be better
understood through a language pertaining to inherant
universal concepts.  WeBoRo as a word derives from a
combination of 3 words in the English language- one of them,
a conjugation of 2 words.  The words: "we're", "both", and
"wrong"; spelled WeBoRo, but pronounced ("We Bo Wo").
As a simple exercise before proceeding further in this
discussion, perhaps it would be helpful to grab a pencil and
spell out the 3 words...and without spaces... Did you do it?  
'We'reBothWrong'...see anything?  Hint, think of the term
"Wrighteousness" or perhaps even better,
"Self-Wrighteousness"  Anyway...
W applies to both the individual and
the group, and applies wherever
human interaction occurs.  No matter
who the person or persons perceiving
belonging there is universally applied immediate
common ground. What is it? you ask...we are
both Wrong- or 'incorrect' if the term allows a
comfort for expedited appreciation.
Wherever two or more gather there two or more wrongs shall meet.
Being wrong feels so right because it is foundational to being human
but there’s nothing wrong with being not ‘all’ right because truth is beautiful but
seldom absolute…never stationary…  and is always somewhere in-between.  

Do You WeBoRo?

It's a "no-know" you know...