OMG....I understand your god will not have me… never will I be forgiven for the blasphemous things I’ve said.  
But my God?  My God will both have me and you while forgiving the proclaimed misunderstandings we genuinely
thought true.

Perhaps you would be more comfortable if I were to dilute my assertions with the
possibility that I am wrong- but, it is I who must define what heaven must be.  I can put up
with another 40-50 years of bad 'reality' TV- but ‘forever’ is forever man.   My 'Minimum-
Wage' Days ended quite some time ago.  M

If I am correct I will see you there.  If I am
wrong I guess it will be the last time- in a
grand collection of mistakes large and small-
it will be the ‘granddaddy of em’ all’.  If I am
correct you really have nothing to lose
unless it is possible to experience a bit of
regret for having largely missed the point of
a brief physical existence…  

If you are correct it would seem I have much to lose;
if this positively accentuates your being correct I say
(without cynicism) I am glad to be of assistance but I
hafta say I would be miserable if I were permanently
admitted to the paradise you describe. I honestly
believe I will lose proportionately less then is that
representing the share you have gained.
Meanwhile Spirited Spirits,
surrounded by the fruits of
eternal Creation, dance with the
stars in a Spirit world
somewhere between ‘never
seen’ and ‘always wanted to go’,
somehow transcending the
bounds of an already endless
Would it be the soul who interpreted the purpose of life as an intriguing adventure?  
or would it be the soul who perceives the Host to be a vindictive and jealous

If you represent the latter, it kinda' makes you appear as a 'social liability' at this
particular party.
What is it With You?
I say God is not planning to participate in the malicious destruction of the world; you say
(S)He does.  If God invites us to an "Eternal Party" with whom do you think (S)He would
prefer as company in an endless celebration?
Whadz Widdya?
Will you get just past the 'Pearly Gates' only to stop at
first chance because all you ever really wanted was
simply to 'get there'   You will be found in the lounge
'chillin' with your Peeps' watching "the top 10 million
Armageddon Jokes of the past 10 trillion years" on a '
Big Screen' surrounded by all the amenities and
luxuries ever known by physical beings.