As individuals and as members of a specific congregation there is evidence of prosperity relative to
comforts and material abundance.  The Church, beheld as a singular entity, 'stands tall' within its
community.  There are many good people and noble deeds found here.
Those within will cite the above attributes and conditions as confirmation that the
blessings of God rain upon those- who to him proclaim- loyalty and reverence.
It is not true in the sense that little consideration is given to those outside the
congregation/denomination.  This of course is remedied by the dispersal of
missionaries across the globe- bring the 'good news' of the gospel to those who
suffer great hardship.  But, these people will never see material abundance in this
world.  Could it be that these folks invite calamity through failing to fully embrace
the god of another?
Let's be honest...If, within same proximity, something really good happens to some people- but, not
for others...It may seem a 'miracle' to some, but, we know it in reality is not!  Right?!   Might be okay
If you are a kid- Santa Claus and a God who loves only you- kids are egocentric by nature and
necessity.  But as an Adult?...

Miracles do happen!...But, miracles are found in both the process and product of
willful intent- everything else is 'shit-happens'.  And 'shit-happens' for the sole reason
that 'something' hasta happen.  'Something' hasta happen because that is the nature
of existence- these are the events providing the reference points by which we
deduce there is 'life' and we both 'of' it and 'in' it.
And so it is...

I, and those like myself, may appear to experience good fortune disproportionate to our neighbors in
proximity.  We may attribute this as the 'blessing' of earthLy rewards bequeathed to us by a god of
whom we perceive ourselves to share...but, this is no fact, quite likely the opposite.
More likely....

While our seeming good fortune was indeed achieved through unity and singular focus, it was
likely also accomplished through the inadvertent employment of one or more exclusionary

It happens like this...
Maybe 'not bad' would be the more appropriate term...and herein lies the problem.  When
proclaiming an infallible God as the strongest ally- 'not-bad' is 'not-good' .  When 'not-bad'
becomes the standard for 'good' then just about any action/policy can be justified if it proves to
serve well those deemed as 'deserving'.  

And those so 'deserving' may well share some of their reward with those outside but it will not
be on equal terms, it will be god-like magnanimity, and it will be the 'carrot' to salvation with the
implied promise of material comfort here on earth. And to complete the package there is the
looming threat of eternal (as in for-friggin-ever) damnation for those who dismiss the greatest
of all opportunities.  An opportunity presented by one or more of God's humble servants!

This may be somewhat true as those who pray for others can indeed become both
the purveyor and recipient of 'good-will'.  
Might be time for an up-grade to an adult-God....
Whatever else religion may be, it is also the language of commerce.  We of same
church share a similar language, we think somewhat alike and we agree upon the
standards and ethics of fair-trade.  We can trust one-another with relative higher
degree of confidence-- having knowledge of the moral standard to which both
parties are held to account.  All sounds good so far right?

analysis of the miracle

truth or fiction?


it will be god-like magnanimity, and it will be the 'carrot' to salvation with the implied promise of material comfort here on earth