If the bible is an instructional manual for living, it is an instruction manual in need of an
instructional manual.  As a measure counteracting the human tendency to complicate
simplicity the manual’s manual (if written by your God- who knows when?) would be quite
simple…6 lines in fact...

(unedited, long-form version)                                                    Reader's Digest version

It wasn't me who said it
Test Drive

Regardless to the amount of time any individual has left on this earth it is too
long to live in association with fear as the reference to explain meaning.  Now
imagine spending eternity (ETERNITY!) with that which you have been taught
to fear.  Just who and what are we talking about here?...and just WHERE is it
one will be while experiencing this brand of 'ETERNAL BLISS'?

Before the charge of blasphemy is directed at this writer, please listen to the message of many
‘mainstream’ religions espouse:  In the book of Revelations some will say there exists written
accusation that a Creator/God, synonymous with boundless eternal love, is at the very least,
complicit in the premeditated murder of a all humanity, all other creatures, and the spherical
house in which they live.  It would be the kind of "serial killer showboating" that
would make like-inclined humans wonder "why even try” Perhaps there were
good intentions by an author whose words simply fell victim to a chemical
imbalance but from which of the three biblical categories do such accusations
derive?  I certainly have my interpretation!
Sometimes 'evil' emerges through the interpretations of others proclaimed as
goodness but attributed to a source for which there will always remain no
attachment or personal accountability to pleasantly packaged excrement

As it is with all other aspects of Creation, it is largely up to the individual to
establish the meaning of religious text and its relevant applications in a life
committed to the doing of good.  The mystery of any religious text is intended
solved by the individual.    It is adjustments of position on any continuum that
allows for the extraction of good applied to development in the direction of
individual autonomy in the realms of living- both in the physical and spirit.
Manual Manual