Strange New Breed

In the process of great change it is not the exclusive obligation of the young to bear full
responsibility to realize, nor is it acceptable for older generations to relinquish accountability
under the pretext of good intentions in the past.  Through the frame of alternative
perspectives and innovative approaches, productive alliances between young and old will
assure a lifetime of fulfilling contributions can be experienced by all- this has always been the
A Strange New Breed

From war came the Warrior.  Great courage and strength would assure the full
submission of the enemy.  Great effort was expended only to find new adversaries
within the broken ranks of former allies.  

Inexplicably the refinement of the Warrior spawned a fully
revolutionary new individual in the emergence of the Diplomat.  
Perhaps this person didn't want to die by violence, perhaps they
loved their family, or perhaps they simply did not have the physical
attributes prerequisite to the art of slaughter.  At some level there
was likely a realization that the business of mere 'survival of the
fittest' was killing humanity.
Whether philosophically rudimentary or advanced, the 'Evolutions' Rider'
gained a new feature..  What may have began as a pathetic desire to
preserve self or family- now, by default, required advocacy for one's
people.  The preservation of a people defaulted to the preservation of
perceived enemies through the pursuit of the prerequisite conditions
inherent to the advance of relative harmony

There is a new generation of youth and young adults who seem to present as a
'different breed'.  Along with a sense of optimism there is a sense that diversity
of thought, race, and culture is a catalyst to be embraced rather then feared
and/or merely discussed.  What may have felt as 'nice talk' in previous
generations is now beginning to be applied with seemingly little doubt to