Within the continuum between material and spiritual worlds- the past, present, and
future-are inextricably linked through a continuum of events and personalities.  We
are born to this world with the imprint of many lessons already known-. We arrive
as the latest version of humanity constantly dynamic through adaptations to
conditions characterized by swift, and often disruptive change.
The child will be something other then that she seems to be at the present- just as we
are something 'other' then that we once were.  There is no individual fully immune from
the influences of collective change.  As an individual, and as a species, we are without
explanation in the absence of acknowledgment to the legacies of both childhood and
The nature of adaptive human evolution changed long ago as the natural world
gradually became more hospitable allowing for both the presence and influence of
human manipulation.  The physical survival of the moment became a slightly more
relaxed priority allowing for a decompression of time and events.   The natural
world gradually began to present as something other then a constant threat.
Innovation catered to both increasing life-expectancy and  the opportunity to
dedicate more thought and deed to material and spiritual inventions of the
Early On

As early humans advanced, the guiding force of negative superstition translated to behavioral
adaptations directly related to both survival and propagation.  Often, positive results (avoiding a
direct lightning strike being just one good example)sustained negative beliefs
("take cover God is pissed") as those actions which preserved, sustained, or
enhanced both existence and the experience were presumed to represent
something much greater in significance.  

Never mind the circumstances present at point of discovery could often be
characterized as 'accidental' or simply the product of an instinctive response.
Early on humanity began to incorporate changes that would eventually expand our understanding
of 'evolution'.  But for the 'now' as it was experienced 'then' the threats are many and without
context to explain or effectively address...
of the perceived source- for the 'collective good' of course.

Up to this point, human development could be characterized as largely spontaneous
and consequential to indiscriminate defensive reactions to external stimuli- both real
and perceived.
As time passed a rudimentary understanding of good vs. evil was conceived as it was occasionally
recognized that favorable results can also derive from positive beliefs.  Of course propositions to
the latter were usually viewed as manifestations of evil resulting in the barbaric desecration
imagination.  We soon became of interest to our own selves and literally
imagined an entire universe revolving around humanity as the stars attraction.  
We imagined all that was, was all that was seen.  

How Things Have Changed!

Perhaps a declaration a bit ahead of its time.  Many of the practices employed by early humans
seem to still exist with modifications in application as the sole distinction.  The instinctual response
to eliminate perceived impediments to sustenance and safety will forever remain both present and
relevant.   If it is service to only these functions we will restrict our definition of evolution within the
realm of physical survival as measured by the 'seen' and 'measurable'