Spiritual Evolution

...result will be an increased awareness of continuity between the natural and spiritual
realms. What was once moral
Compliance will become moral understanding. That which once valued conformity will
become a bridge to the appreciation of human differences.

-natural selection and tribalism served a purpose. This is not to say ancient ancestors
were not spiritual beings.
spiritual evolution (first partial passage may already have been typed
-failure to address all of humanity would not slow the evolution of the human spirit it
would be impossible.
- asthe human spirit evolves our differences will actually become greater as we learn to
harness the power and extract the benefit
---there will come a day when those still unhappy at least have a choice to select misery
as a life-style.
more evolution-spirit
Until, and up to, the moment humanity on earth no longer exists we will continue to
evolve in the realm of an indomitable collective spirit. Whether huamnity on earth
transitions to alternative form through means self-imposed or by force of nature is of
litle consequence for those unconditionally committed to the collective betterment.

With each incremental advance scored in the advance of petty evil there will always be
a disproportionate development in the cause of good-whether such responses equate
to the neutralization of cataclysmic forces is up to us to determine.

spiritual evolution
No matter where an individual stands on the belief scale few would deny there is a
human spirit; it begs to be fulfilled at both the individual and collective levels. In the
absence of action it begins to take on definition by that which it is not. Good and
righteous people in both the religious and secular arenas often speak in
platitudes-there is much talk of the many things society needs. Dispite the good intent,
it is often difficult to imagine what this would look like.
Spiritual evolution
...somewhere out there is the creative force that resulted in the creation of both life and
planet...even science would agree with that
spiritual evolution/old ways
...with consideration given to the many great things already accomplished by humanity
there exists true cause for optimism when we realize most of these things were
accomplished while in the company of concurrant beliefs/action fully contrary to
purpose/mission of humanity.
evolutional transition
...at the polar opposite ends of perceived mutually exclusive beliefs we find vigorous
debate in differing views of science and religion pertaining to the nature of creation.
Some maintain humans evolved from the life form of a fish while the opposition insists
we are of the earth and shall, upon death, return to the earth. In many ways it would
seem there is little distinction between the two arguments
Ultimately, the solution to many of our problems could be extracted from analysis and
identification of those human tendancies and behaviors deriving from the more base
instincts found to be indispensible in service to the singular diminsion of the evolving
physical human.
...as evidenced by indistinguishable boundaries derived from race, religion, or ethnicity
spiritual evolution
at times the evolution of the human spirit stuggles to grow as it trudges through
residual superstition found in the institutions of humanity...at time held captive by the
good intentions of religion so often tragically misapplied

To this point, humanity has evolved despite a prevalent lack of awareness that life was
intended as a mystery that we ourselves must solve.  No single individual will ever have
the time or self-contained resources to even approximate full understanding.  To the
very last soul we are obligated to rely upon one another in a fashion mutually
beneficial. to the physical human while simultaneously advancing a collective cause we
may, at times, doubt even exists.

_ As a collective .......continues to evolve so to will the institution of religion.  Over time
the two entities will eventually merge.  The result will be an increased awareness of
continuity between the natural and spiritual realms.  What once was moral compliance
will become individual moral understanding.  That which once valued uniformity will then
become a bridge in the appreciation of human differences...just as nature and Creation
We shall never cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

T.S. Elliot
tie connection back to early humans and how SE
returns full circle to serve well the basic needs of the
human...we find ourselves back at the start and
ponder if meaning extends beyond the individual
anly to find it does not as it is the individual capable
of original thought and action who represents the
pinnalce of both evolution and meaning

It is difficult for many to conceive a definition of progress applicable to the
description of world events both past and present.  The course of human
history may appear antithetical to notion throughout all conceivable facets.  
Perceiving humanity from such a perspective prohibits a realization that a
powerful force in human evolution threads continuously back to the point
one human acknowledged the importance of another.  At that moment a
new demension to evolution began to emerge as the notion of the
physical human began to include new practices that would lead to the
evolution of the spiritual-being.

As humanity converted forces of the natural world into self-serving
applications a rudimentary understanding of good and evil emerged.  The
combination of primitive survival instincts paired with advancing knowledge
required a force to counter-balance early technologies that would
destroy humanity if exclusively applied in service to the
advancement of the physical being.

Ironically the advancements that so well served humanity now threatened existence if
human progress were to develop solely at the influence of environmental
adaptations.  As a counter-balance the force of a collective human spirit began to
emerge.  As if by design the mysterious force soon began to work in tandem with the
physical being.  The very definition of the human experience began to expand in
range along lines between diametrically opposed entities.
Presently, an advancing humanity at times struggles to grow as it encounters toxic residual
superstitions entangled in the many institutions of humanity.  Often held captive to an accumulation of
good intentions found in religion, a human spirit yearns for release into the realm of a universal

Freedom without conditions or qualifiers is the end destiny where all things begin.  ...will continue to
evolve through a partnership with the physical world...just as nature and Creation intended.