That Which Followed
As a new measure to human evolution continued to develop a broader range of
influence, there was increasing priority and attention brought to the notions of
Harmony and Healing.  As boundaries gradually overlapped, the human component of
life could no longer be exclusively defined by the factors of race, geography, or
professed nationalism.  It is in this context the nature of influence from the emulsified  
forces, traditions, and residual superstitions began to find manifestation in the form

In the continuum from War to Peace the necessary conversation with declared
enemies yields the potential for understanding  and lasting acquaintance  .  Humanity
would discover that the absence of war does not directly translate to the existence of a
meaningful Peace.  Peace without understanding is merely an agreement to
temporarily cease-fire.

Never Will...
As the newest dimension to human evolution sought a course for growth it was subject
to forces with many parallels to those that shaped humanities physical and behavioral
evolutions.  The instincts serving favorably to the evolution of physical/behavioral
adaptations did not translate directly to the benefit of a still emerging and undetectable
feature .  The process of emulsification would be subject to countless contrary reactions
with distorted manifestations not otherwise present in the isolated development of
quantifiable evolutionary forces.   As it pertains to humanity, there would be neither
seamless integration of forces nor continuous linear evolution...never will.

The influence of powers unseen are often presumed to exist with a certainty equivalent to
those observed.  The intention of Creation was the endowment of ability to the individual to
eventually craft a singular and dynamic relationship between the two forces.  As it appears
that humans would not even start out as humans, this was apparently not fully intended as
a gift from birth.

An analysis of any life force, or a component thereof - subject to evolutionary forces- will reveal
similar characteristics.  First, the process of any evolution never follows a linear path either
equal or invariably consecutive.  Second, extinction soon follows the life force/form that ceases
evolutionary adaptations.