Step by Step

Regrettably, the advance of humanity was impeded, and it was unrelated to the nature
of motive.  Rather, it was limited by the perception that the most revered of healers-the
spiritual leader- had lessons with little application to a physical life lived on earth.  
Regardless, the mysterious
Rider began advancing in the direction of a future

Step by...

Prehistoric Nomadic peoples eventually began to manipulate the
conditions of their environment in order to cultivate crops and develop more
permanent abode.  Unbeknown to humanity at the time, the notion that life
was designed to be interactive with the forces of creation had been

Simultaneously, a pervasive superstition persisted as advancements
were perceived exclusively as gifts from a Creator as opposed to
results gained in collaboration with Creation.   Viewed through this
frame, the relative success of any one or more endeavors
was often interpreted as a 'Call-to-Action' arriving directly from the
office of the Creator.  And this Creator insisted upon the survival of the
'chosen' by any means necessary.
In the Present
environmental manipulation- perceiving this a realization established long ago, there exists a
Although humanity appears to have grasped the benefits of
sense that somehow time is short.  While manipulation of our environment has yielded unimaginable
benefit- and appears not to be directly policed by Divine forces- we only vaguely realize the existence of
outside parameters knowing not the nature of natural boundaries or the protocols of a cooperative
alliance.  But I digress...

It appeared that human adaptation had now evolved to include an ability to better
interact with the environment.  As this ability proceeded, the advent of superstition
resulted in the development of seemingly strange behaviors and paradoxical alliances.  
While this seemed evil, many said it was good.  It was the arrival of Religion and it
tapped a powerful conduit in the collective psyche.  
Eventually humanity advanced the ability to extract/combine organic material for the purpose of promoting
and/or returning good physical health.  A respect for those who heal was borne and the notion of compassion
was introduced as early physicians pursued causes applicable to all of humanity- even if such was not the