Time Marched On
Time Marched On

As populations expanded, borders began to develop.  The instincts associated with the
evolution and propagation of the physical human resulted in escalated conflict as
boundaries sought new definition.  Along with new and shifting boundaries emerged larger
and more volatile alliances.  The nature of conflict appeared to descend from that of
'contact sport' to that of vanquish through annihilation.  

Collusion and malicious intent manifested through frequent and pervasive violence as a
new 'evil' appeared to have been borne.  The chaotic struggle of conquest by 'the fittest'
conferred to  'equality' a definition characterized by the relative ability to 'deter' and/or
'inflict' with a consequential threat to fully annihilate the human race

The descent of man seemed assured before 'The Descent of Man' could ever be conceived.

Innate to even the most unrefined aspects of evolution is an instinctual recognition of
human equality.  From the moment alliances of 'the fittest'  endeavored   violent conquest,
collective humanity began to experience a sense that 'the end' (of humanity) was near.  
Then, as it will always be, an unchecked and total war among equals assures unimaginable
negative consequences .  True Equality, from which there is no escape, creates the shifting
alliances the  make this so.

Just as humanity seemed to embrace a broader commitment to full destruction, there
emerged a mysterious new
Rider  to the common experience... the notion that  War may be
subject to neutralization through applications associated with the notion of 'Peace' .  The
appeal of a quick end through mutual destruction seemed not fully subject to the whims of
primitive actions and/or desires  An unknown
Rider was preventing actualization of the
bizarre human fantasy of a quick and cataclysmic end to all of life...  

As it was, it will always be, there is no quick and easy way out…we would be required to get


early conflict descending to violence

borders and territories


As it was, it will always be, there is no quick and easy way out…we would be required to get along