There does exist a great enemy looming
as a threat to all...It is the famine in
another land...  

It is genocide, poverty, natural disasters,
exploitation, child-labor, child
prostitution, racism, classism...

These things are the enemy...One at a
time or, all at once...


They happen someplace else...A place
where "all things happen for a reason".  

It is the enemy found in the 'knowing' yet,
not knowing what to do.
While complete destruction awaits the slightest twitch of
celestial bodies or surrounding conditions, the uncertain
nature of the danger manifests in distorted actions inspired
by fear.  

Those upon- do blame the other- realizing not, they share
the same fate.  

For all things they 'can' or 'not' control- it is an enemy
imagined for which a solution has never been found.  

Unable to control that which cannot be contained, they
seek the 'seen' looking to vanquish the threat.  

Self-destruction on ascending scale, self-sustains through
failing to see what the enemy is
Upon a tiny sphere- consumed within a vast and
violent universe- those upon sense a threat both
authentic and ubiquitous.

It is not fear; it is the misunderstanding of another, brought by second-hand faith, gained
not on personal experience but, by the belief in a fable heard, now twice-told by others

It is the one proclaiming inequitable dispensations as justified- brought by a
disproportionate estimation of  individual importance relative to that of another.

It is not the face of any one Individual... or fabled Beast.  It is the clutter accumulated
through defining the elements of self by measure of group-belonging.

It is belief in a chosen people and the purveyance/allowance of myths promoting the
criteria for inclusion/exclusion.  It is the individual-lost... Lost and loyal to 1 great
cause...Service-to-self, seen as something else.

It is the nurturing of darker instinct catering only to survival and perpetuation- seeking
justification through professing concern for those of the future.

It is the notion that
not all upon a tiny tiny planet have equal stake to the conditions
within, and upon, where all are to be found.

It is the notion that all within- and all-about- exists just as it should, in perfect alignment
with some Higher plan.  It is those upon, who do not see, or do not care, the 'meant-to-be'
is the 'willed-to-be'.
The enemy cannot be
seen within the

Skin color, gender,
and/or language do not
identification or
And so it is...The early 21st century finds a collective humanity in quite the 'pickle' but, this has
always been the case.  Sensing the pervasive shroud of numerous threats there are dangers very
real in nature...  Knowing not the exact attributes or proportions, the search turns to that which
can be seen and classified...Other human beings identified as enemies in seeming arbitrary fashion.

But there are no true-enemies to be found among humans- as all who exist, piss and bleed in the
same pool.  Root Cause remains neglected and obscured- attributable to the distortions emerging
from the most fundamental of misunderstandings...
The enemy is found not in another but, in-between and in the natural world.  It is there where the
forces of life are also the forces of non-existence if only to be disregarded or misunderstood.  
It is the opportunity of a lifetime- this existence on earth.  It is the rarest event in the
universe and it just so happens it is occurring both
here...and now.  

The quality of the experience directly relates to the willful understanding (or, disregard) of
powerful forces for which some form of reconciliation is mandatory.  The element of choice
relates to a collective decision to align with either the forces of
Creation...or, with those of

The pervasive fog fades to clarity through a dedicated commitment to Non-Violence across
all circumstances
Identify the Enemy

Identify the Enemy...

the Enemy Not


Root Cause remains neglected and obscured- attributable to the distortions emerging from the most fundamental of misunderstanding