In your present, a fragile ‘Occupy’ movement meanders in search of clarity and sense of direction.    If beheld
through the standard of participation alone, it is a movement of substance. Whether time and destiny reveal
a  'great fall' or, 'great success'  it will likely not be an event fading quietly into obscurity.  

If ‘clarity’ is left to beg consensus,  it will be violence emerging to fill the void. Violence will then become
inextricably associated with the cause… Police will be ‘police’, they will share little blame.  People will be hurt
and yet another generation will succumb to the forces of 'always been' having failed to remain true to
anything other then that which has already been tried..
.It will all have meant… NOTHING!

Do not fall for it… Do not allow this to happen!

Remember these things and it will work…

Nature of the Dilemma

#1- Protect and embrace the ‘1% ers’ WTF?   Yes…

The ‘American Dream’ is the ‘Human Dream’.  What you really want is the path to wealth occupied by those who
actually sell shit that is real. Make something…Do something…Do it ‘Green’! Charge a fair price and stop the hidden
fees bullshit.  You can punish the cheaters or, you can cultivate integrity.  It's one or the other.

#2- Define the parameters of a basic health care.

Dignify Humanity by availing these services to all human beings. The successful individuals of affluence can purchase
additional services much like they do in the present. This is an easy fix.

#3- Provide every person a home.

In the ‘Land-of-Plenty’, It is akin to arrogant self-righteousness to insist mandatory prerequisites must be met in order
to qualify as ‘worthy’ in receipt of the comforting harbor of protective shelter.  For those who are addicted or
afflicted, clean their house, assure they get a balanced diet.  You will find most will give-back/pass-along as they
succumb to the barrage of ‘Unrelenting Dignity”.   Don’t leave ‘decency’ waiting for a vote.

#4- Confront discrimination and prejudice

Call it as it is…  ‘Reservations’, ‘Projects’, ‘Gentrification’ are the terms of Institutionalized segregation.  There are
differences in contrast along racial/ethnic lines- this does not mean all are not equal.  To treat all equal is to actually
‘not’- ‘Equal Regard’ is the higher road.  Embrace ‘Gay Marriage’- apologize for ever having doubt and move on.  
Diversity is the Conservator of Human Dignity.  Human Equality is Absolute.

#5  Change perspective

There is plenty to go around.  Technology and ingenuity have delivered unprecedented abundance and luxury to this
era.  These structures need not be destroyed to the cause of building anew- merely transformed as the conduits of
ever-improving goods and services delivered via sustainable practices.    BTW…You continue to rely upon the
‘combustion’ engines propelled by petroleum…WTF!

Upon this tiny speck in space, there are no enemies, there is no ‘them’- we all piss and bleed in the very same pool…We all
rely upon the same rising sun.

Take pictures not lives.  Shoot video, not guns.  Do not let violence dictate course!  You will lose everything…It will have
all meant nothing!  Do not let violence dictate course!

Protect property rights, liberty, privacy, free speech, use technology wisely.  Think global…trade local- talk to the face that
makes the guarantee.

You See…

I am the child of tomorrow though this moment is about you…  
Life has always been about those in the present…
Humanity has always found the forward way…  
Holla’ Holla’…

If to you befalls
first fail
Don’t worry about me...
I will never know

future retrospection

remember these things