Barrage (artillery) is a line or barrier
of exploding artillery shells, created by
the co-ordinated targeting of a large
number of guns firing continuously.
Close combat: refers to hand-to-hand
combat or fighting. It involves the use
of weapons such as pistols, bayonets,
rifles, and hand grenades.
D-day:  refers to the day in which an
operation will commence.
Infiltrate: the passing of troops in small
groups through an entrance in the
enemy’s side.
Guerillas: refers to the combatants
which are members of an organized
military force. Their activities usually
involve harassment and disruption of
the opposing forces.
Penetration: form of attack that allows
the attacking force to enter or move
forward through the enemy’s defensive
Ambush an act or instance of attacking
unexpectedly from a concealed position.
Charge: A large force heads directly to
an enemy to engage in close quarters
combat, with the hope of breaking the
enemy line
Pickets (or picquets): sentries or
advance troops whose job is to warn of
contact with the enemy. A soldier who
has this job is on "picket duty".
Insurgency: a condition of revolt
against a recognized government that
does not reach the proportions of an
organized revolutionary government
and is not recognized as belligerency
Barrage: Deployment of diverse human resources to a
geographic area recently subject to organized and willful
violence.  Following initial stabilization phase deployment
continues to occur through scheduled intervals of human
resources incrementing to lesser.
Ambush the act of remaining obscured and attacking
violence by not responding in kind
Close combat:  refers to the individual,..Immersed in a
sea of humanity upon a speck in the infinite
universe...there is nothing other then 'close'.  Involves
the use of treaties, sanctions, embargoes, fines,
imprisonment, restitution....
D-day is B-day...Welcome to the human race!
Infiltrate the marginalized seen as 'disabled' and/or as a
'net-burden' will recognized as equally important in
contribution to the 'common cause'.  'They' are already
here...'They' are already living in ways much more
sustainable then most.
Gorillas: refers to primates sharing many traits found in
humans.  Set them free...go see them in their natural
Penetration: gettin jiggie whiddit
Charge: A large and diverse contingent collaborate to
address identified  conditions posing catastrophic
Pickets (or picquets): Hypersensitive people responding
to authentic yet nebulous threat- precipitated by the
subconscious realization that current world trends are not
long sustainable. Presently, many individuals who have
this job are perceived and labeled 'Mentally Ill'
Insurgency: a condition of revolt- not subject to the
restrictions inherent to definition by sovereign borders
and/or weaponry- in which efforts are specifically targeted
to dispatch old ways of thinking and harmful
Interdiction: to attack and interrupt
enemy supply lines.
Interdiction: To target the conduits of unsustainable
goods and services through the identification alternative
measures addressing the same needs (eg, replacing the
combustion engine with electric of solar powers)  
Withdrawal (military), generally
meaning pulling forces back while
maintaining contact with the enemy.
Withdrawal A very unreliable form of birth control

Violent vs. Non-Violent

compare and contrast


ideas and approaches in polar extremes to one another will share more in common then either will relative to those rising from the center.

Relative to one another, ideas
and approaches in occupation
of polar extremes-- will share
more in common-- then either
will relative to those rising
from the center.