It is NOT NAIVE to assert there
is a way to fight wars without
violence-if only to accept the
absolute necessity of conflict
as the first change in
This seems of fact...
We can’t give a young man
a gun, teach him to
efficiently ‘neutralize the
threat’ then expect he will
shut it all down the very
instant that threat is
eliminated...not when we
have taught him the way a
soldier achieves his goals is
with a gun!
If a threat is resolved through
diplomacy, do conflicting
parties merely sign a treaty
and call it ‘good’?  What
does it mean to support our
troops?  Really? What does
it mean?...cuz what I'm doing
at this very moment would
surely fail to qualify.
perspective.  Many ‘Gunboats’ yet, little Diplomacy- and, Diplomacy without
application does nothing to dissuade the activation of pervasive violence.  

Across the planet, all nations are
condemned to never again win a war
outright.  There will be no nation ever
able to achieve unconditional

It presents as odd that we seem unable to anticipate the inevitable and
tragic consequences relative to pervasive violence. Perhaps one day
we will acquire the gift of this basic insight...Perhaps organized violence
will be a practice we willfully relinquish to the imagination...

The important thing is that we will eventually find non-violent ways to
address the challenges we are presented...

There is an answer to the search for alternatives to pervasive violence.  And it involves
truly supporting our troops…it’s the other half of the equation and it’s called ….

In violent conflicts between nations and peoples there are atrocities committed
by all involved.  There really is no sense in the discussion of degree.  Small wars
quickly become large wars in the absence of acknowledged alternatives; small
wars cater to  big wars even if geographically removed.  Violent wars 'ARE' the
atrocity and Non-violence exists for nobody  if not allowed to root in even the
most shallow applications
victory through warfare waged on
nations and/or factions. In the
absence of total victory it will be found
that dynamic and equitable treaties
are the only effective measures to
extinguish sanctioned violence.
...And so that is the situation on planet Earth...many may agree that we
live in exciting times surrounded by the many strange features brought by
periods of great transition.
There is absolutely no point to believing anything else

So Many Gunboats...

So Little Diplomacy

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Across the planet nations are condemned to never again win a war outright.