It may well be that
"freedom isn't free" but,
to include the sacrifice of
life into the equation
suggests we pay for what
we get and we get what
we pay more.
Unrelenting Non-violence

An all out war upon war- cannot be won through violence, nor love, nor by mere
absence of conflict- it can never be won, only avoided through the exclusion of all
strategies  that would include violence as a contingency
In the realization that wars of any scale will be utterly futile the
universal adoption of non-violence becomes
the desperate measure
of last resort.
When both complete victory and complete defeat equate to identical outcome,
sanctioned violence is ultimately seen by all to be a venture with absolutely no hope of
positive outcome.  
Leaders are conditioned to behold conglomerates as singular entities.  It seems as though this is what
they are paid to do.  If any people desire non-violence for all people- success would rely upon a base
strength cultivated from with-in; extending to those without.  It would be a coalition of individual citizens
across the planet securing the bridges to alternative destinies.  
If a nation brings to violent conflict anything less then all it's got, it seeks something less
then complete victory.  If an opponent in violent conflict has no response to the potential
of every thing brought...they too must settle for something less then complete victory.
Supplemental to all this...the very nature of violent conflict has changed dramatically in the civilized
societies upon earth.    Ancient fears and misunderstandings summon darker instincts- now with the toys
and techniques allowing for complete destruction.  Consequential to the evolution of efficiency in its
waging, violent conflict has become an absurdity in defiance of description.
In the fight to 'not fight' there will be those
who perish- the wringing hands of petty little
men, There will be some subject to indignity
and great suffering- one last desperate gasp
for the institution of sanctioned violence.  
At times there may be the perception these acts originate within the whole of any
given nation/peoples.  The allure of violent retribution beckons the petition of our
leaders for violent retribution. But, this has been done before- rendering 'burdened
gains' at best.  
To the Future...
So Here we Are...
The human traditions with no redeeming qualities
are the hardest to let go...
Why this is so we can never know.  
Unrelenting Non-Violence can never cease
or, rest upon the laurels...
of those things that do not happen
To live and prosper in non-violent ways does run contrary to the nature of a violent universe...

We have the  opportunity for
distinction in that we have the option
to pursue those things of originality
through the non-violent resolution of

Wherever we have been
Wherever we may go,
We have always been
and will forever be
right in the middle of it all.

Adversaries, not Enemies

desperate measures


In the realization that wars of any scale will be utterly futile the universal adoption of non-violence becomes the

last resort desperate