Previous wars will be cited to explain current wars, and current wars will be cited to
explain the future wars for which the planning has already begun- the art of destruction
can claim ever greater efficiency.   The techniques and technology associated with the
prosecution will continue to evolve and flourish.  It is an environment in which the notion
of resolution-through-violence remains fully immune to even the questioning of necessity
or legitimacy.

If to extract willful violence from the equation, all other violations become vulnerable to eventual
reconciliation and forgiveness.  Through the lens of Non-Violence the very first objective is to...
Shock and Awe Non-Violence cannot exist if only in service to itself as it then
becomes a sibling to the notion of 'Peace' soon revealing both to be merely an
illusion.  Relative to the soldier obligated to carry a weapon, the soldier
commissioned to the cause of Non-Violence seeks to pursue an objective
entirely different in entirely different means.
Countless campaigns (violent and otherwise) have fallen unsuccessful  failing  to
attend to that seeming most obvious oversight- the need to define a clear and
observable objective...  A lack of vision functions as the great 'equalizer' as it pertains
to countless conflicts throughout history.  
Relative to the present, a mandatory prerequisite to the  establishment of an effective and  
realistic objective there is the recognition that total victory (as is currently defined) will
never be attained.  Conflict is the natural by-product of chaos, and chaos fills the void of
otherwise empty space.  
Violent Wars are not winnable and never have been...Shifting conditions- beyond the control of any
individual or conglomerate- inevitably rise to assure some form of attendance is mandatory.  The
gains perceived consequential to violent conflict  are soon negated as 'root cause' was neither
addressed nor was 'alternative cause' created
The consequences in the immediate and to follow invariably represent some form
of over-correction.  The agreement to cease-fire will be portrayed as 'Peace'  but,
the vacuum left in the wake will soon invite an overcorrection in another direction.  
In the recycle there may be differing factors of influence but the methods and
consequences will be indistinguishable from those of the previous violent conflict.  
The cycle begins anew...
Violent wars attribute to volatile factors for which the attendance was inexplicably
neglected.  The consequences of Violent Wars are then made  worse through the
inability to identify/extricate the individual components related to cause.   Now  
entangled and indistinguishable, there is a pervasive sense of threat for which there
exists no context for explanation.  Violence is soon to follow- lashing out to diminish
the pressure perceived to originate from within the entities and enemies in proximity.
To the Future...
Non-Violence is Non-Violence and often not pretty.  The results are at times not fair or,
always accomplished  by ethical means.
Just as it is in the present, there will continue to arise the occasion in which it will appear as though
there is no sign of justice or reason anywhere in proximity.  Yet, there remains- through it all- 1
all-important distinction relative to violent conflict...All who were involved remain alive to start-over in the
quest to reconcile the grievance.
In the midst of great struggles and profound injustice there is spite and venom all around...This has
always been the case- it is a reflection to the nature of the known universe.  

conflict objective...



In the midst of great struggles and profound injustice there is spite and venom all around...This has always been the case- it is a reflection to the nature of the known universe.