Perhaps there exists a significant misunderstanding pertaining to the notion of free-will.  It would seem the
majority of humanity presumes to have been endowed innate free-will by Creation.  With a standing presumption
this is so, the individual proceeds through life assuming further searching is unnecessary- presuming free-will
exists just as it was told to one by another.

Why search for something already possessed?

As the individual proceeds through life it is easy to misinterpret all positive outcomes as evidence of free-will.  
Careers, houses, auto mobiles, affiliations, etc may seem as evidence of independent thought and action.  In the
end however, these things fail to meet criteria.  Actions to acquire, protect, and sustain originate from the human
instinct to self-preserve and propagate.  Actions deriving from instinct in service to the obligations of survival
must be universally attended-  eventually becoming a matter of degree to which the individual is bound in efforts
to secure.   

The very nature of all things instinctual is the requirement of actions specifically designated to address urgent
purpose.  These things do not necessarily sabotage free-will and may assure the prerequisite provisions
required to set the conditions in which full autonomy can be legitimately pursued.  Creation has endowed
humanity with an abundance of resources to be used in pursuit of full autonomy; it is left to the individual seek
and apply the tools a fashion unique to the essence of their very soul.

It certainly seems the case that nature and Creation intended optimal autonomy to be the pursuit
of the individual human.  Through a process of decisions exercised on the continuum between
any two extremes the individual is able to move toward, or away from, the determination of
individual destiny.  For every degree of over-indulgence or dependency in any human affair, an
increment of autonomy is lost; not because it was taken; but because it was forfeited.

                                          True free-will is:      


Free-will is not the license
to do as we please
Free-will is a vision and contribution
to see the world as a better place
at times spiting the heavy weight
of evidence in the contrary

The great irony of individual free-will is that it is most favorably advanced in the midst of common cause.  
Collaboration with others favorably and equitably assures resource availability for continuous material
sustenance.  Continuous existence assured by just means is the ‘base-camp’ for the journey to find
individual purpose and a freedom aligning with the eternal
evolutioning of universal virtue.

Free-will is not the gift...
It is the goal.

True free-will thrives in a realm detached from matters related to a physical
sustenance and/or evolution of the species.  It is a self-sufficiency that relies
upon no external source in assuring optimal mental, and spiritual health.  
-The realization that a Creator would not
require your belief in order to exist.   

-Running contrary to the majority in
pursuit of widely unrecognized justice

-A global awareness pertaining to the
whole of humanity, realizing the suffering
of one detracts from the fulfillment of all.

-Knowing that where there is darkness,
somewhere else there is light.

-Knowing with certainty that which
represents light will advance upon all
things dark, invariably, and with the
certainty of the rising sun.

-Discovering the course of individual
destiny lived in contribution to the noble
causes of humanity.

-The participation in a noble cause
despite the fact the brief span of life may
prevent witness to the full fruition of any
one, or more, applied passions

-An autonomy that allows for enhanced
relationships with others knowing that,
regardless of circumstances there will
be no dependence...only collaboration
and fellowship

Knowing with certainty that there will be
no fear of, or participation in, anything

-The provision of anonymous support to
one in need with no expectation of return
in kind- or recognition as the source.

-A commitment to strengthen the weak
rather then weaken the strong.  

A recognition that worthy adversaries
provide strength to any position

-Knowing it is not necessarily required of
I to be wrong in order for you  to be
correct …it is not mandatory that one
must be right in order to not be wrong.