Better to learn it here
There is a place were virtue is defined by
serial-killers who take no more then their
own fair-share.  There is no crime because
there is no crime...
Meanwhile gluttony is the mild-infraction
typically indulged briefly as the shunning
of society very effectively encourages
There are those who procreate...and, there
are those who grow vegetables- They are
beheld with equal regard.
Meanwhile, Back on Planet Earth

To the extent it is true that humanity is in moral decline it is largely attributable to those
who most vehemently say it is so. These otherwise good people presume to condemn
the differences in others while claiming 'judgment-day' and the 'end-of-time' is
nigh...NIGH they say!
Relative to recruiting membership,This brand of logic/faith is very effective... for those to
whom it is very effective. For all others it is absurd at best, and divisive in overall effect
red bubble
I will find out what
"Nigh' means soon
enough I guess.

Good ol' Compare and Contrast
Moral Relativism holds that morality arises from within the context of any given society at any given time. Moral
Relativism implies there are no universal/static truths to which morality can service in application. Moral Relativism
stands in sharp contrast to those who would embrace the
absolutes that seem to feel so right.  
There do exist standards absolute and indisputable but they have very little application
to the daily affairs of humanity.  In the material world there are parameters beyond
which physical survival is not possible.  In the realm of  spirit there are condition
extremes beyond which justice and harmony simply cannot co-exist. All other matters
are left to the art of approximation and negotiation within ranges compatible to
meaningful individual existence.
Relative to the notion of a collective morality humanity is not free-falling in the loss and,
in fact, continues to evolve in many ways....  It is a different brand of morality- one that
focuses upon
human equality, dignity and respect; it broadens the range of that
considered acceptable and caters to the individual who through expression pursues the
very meaning of one's own life.
There once was a time characterized by a ridged and cruel social hierarchy in which the vulnerable were fair game
to exploit and otherwise behold in low regard.
Deviations among individuals-whether in appearance and/or behavior- need only the allegation
of a nebulous evil source... 'justice' can then be served in whatever form of cruelty fashionable
at the moment.

It was god-fearing men finding the kill very much a thrill throughout all stages-beginning with
'foreplay' (capture/trial) to culmination (burning, butchering,boiling,etc.) During moments of
Perhaps a hybridized morality is needed to bridge the gap of polar opposites only perceived to exist...
many options
In a land of perceived contrasts between human beings, fear cries for conquest of  expanding sovereign
ground.   Smiling strangers encounter the other while just beneath a nebulous and foreboding apprehension
primes the realm of darker instincts soon to rumble.  That not 'understood' becomes that 'prohibited' as rumors
abound of hideous  infractions committed by those so unlike.  The frightened individual seeks to join the club
that would have him- while all await a single qualifying act to trigger hate of the 'other' no longer seen as one.
privacy these men of justice would 'jerk-off' to the recall of brutal sentence imposed...Then petition 'forgiveness'
from their god for the act of masturbation.

Within any 2 polar-opposites- legal/illegal right/wrong helpful/harmful- there lies a land with parameters much
broader then commonly believed.  It is a place  where personal liberties thrive if only to be embraced as the
differences in others reflect the sanctity of one's own individuality.  This isn't heaven, this isn't hell- this is willful

During moments of privacy these men of justice would 'jerk-off' to the recall of brutal sentence imposed...Then petition 'forgiveness' from their god for the act of masturbation.