A child was born today...
born in a nick of time
The most fortunate to ever be
entered the world just 5 ticks past.

The luckiest child was born today...
stepping in just 10 ticks past
born to the most virtuous
to ever walk the earth.

The world ceased to exist today ...
just past 15 ticks ago
most knew why
others chose not  

Those choosing to know
knew for a while
Those who did not
never will

Fated destiny
rendered resignation   
as were sad the souls
unable to longer love.  

most would try
but most lost hope
This was for most
but not the few

as darkness in sorrow
awaited the encroaching void.  
there were no children but for the few...
they were no better...they just knew

those who knew nothing
now know nothing at all
those who knew something
knew all at once

To know anything of something
is to know everything is shared
it is a moment in time
and it is of no matter

it is a span to nowhere
and it arrives in the instant
whether coming or going
life on earth was beauty to behold

some things take an eternity
just to get it all right
to embrace the flaws
stealing beauty from perfection

to shun the good
diluted before
and wonder of the nature
things to never be

The luckiest child was born today
born so long ago
born to those who knew
now sharing all they know

Born to knowing
all to have been
a short visit
no time to exist in lost again

15 minutes in the flesh
giving not a glance to time
an eternity of beauty
bestowed the wise and innocent soul  

spiritual beings crave physical existence
as span and time reveal no relevance
to know the meaning of all that once lived
granted one life to take it again.