Young child
it all starts with you
Many may say
you do not understand
You know you do

Take the hand that is extended
Learn the expressions
of here and now
apply the many things
to you already known.

Seek the people who will keep you safe
Tell those people if you are not
It may be the hardest thing
you've ever done

Know above all else you must never ever
Allow yourself to be hurt by another
For now, this is your #1 job

This is true, true, true
Never allow someone else to hurt you!
Never, never
For now this is your number #1 job!

just or unjust...
fair or not
It is your responsibility...

Listen to your parents
They generally know best
That best for you
They will make mistakes
Some may cause you pain
Tell them quickly
Be respectful

And know of your parents
they wanted you
but could not choose you
you chose them
and in the end
thats where life began

Know that most people are good
Wishing well for all
Know that those who are not
would surely wish they could

Know that life is not about you
It is for you
The future is yours to keep
As it always has been

Tho you already know this
from where you last departed
Please learn to share
as we do it here.
Young Child
Help us better share and care
It is very important here and now
You will know it better
now and later
when once more
you depart again.

Now that you have joined us
To the obligations of the present
you now share
This very moment never leaves
And requires constant care

Find yourself
Go there
do it now
or, take your time

Please protect for others
Those things from which
you were not protected
These are the causes you serve
meaning and joy will be revealed

These things are rather simple really
You know who you are
The future you will still be you

Take your time
cause no harm
but leave a trace
something unique...
make the world
a better place

know what it is like
to never grow up
for life is but a joke
only to those who think it not

Know that we the grown
Share experiences no less profound
we all have but a moment
to figure it out.
Never has life been lost
to the cause of old-age

Abhor violence
Embrace people
and planet
with equal regard

pursue action...
cultivate a world
where scaled violence
simply cannot exist.

to you young child

we all have but a moment


Know that we the grown Share experiences no less profound we all have but a moment to figure it out.. Never has life been lostto the cause of old-age