The Intended Course of Unintended Course
The course of human history has never been, and will never be, bound by
the dictates of non-negotiable parameters. To the extent that life
forms-self perceived as advanced- are permitted to believe and behave
as if this were so, speaks to a universal commitment to the cause of
free-will.  Seemingly so even if, through its purest applications, it is
perceived non-existent to the whole of entities or, even all life forms of any
given planet.
A universal disregard of free-will by a species,all inhabitants of a planet, or even all species
on a network of planets is acknowledged possible by the forces of Creation intent upon
allowing infinite manifestations of 'hard-core free-will".
Perhaps the ultimate manifestation of imposed free-will is the allowance
for risk that entire planets may collectively perceive selves to be at mercy
of preordained destiny. Along a continuum of infinite and perpetual
Creation, some will adapt slowly and still others will needlessly suffer
greatly through an inability to accept the risks associated with exercising
the actions obligated by acceptance of full understanding.
There is no outcome either fully anticipated, or fully unintended by the forces of
dynamic Creation committed to an ever-evolving definition through incorporation of
participation in all forms.