Perhaps violence, conquest, and
subjugation are necessary features to social
evolution throughout the heavens.


Somewhere on the broad
scale between an instinctual
A collective humanity ponders a mystery
and awaits its fate while those in favor of a
quick and effortless end cheer current
developments as evidence favorable to this

Regardless of our chosen
destiny we can be assured
that the cumulative human
experience upon Earth will
have some degree of

Even in the event we chose
the path of self-destruction we
will surely be regarded for the
good works we intended to
complete.  Although the
desire to thrive, to a twisted pursuit of
utter destruction in complete contrast, we
now find our own planet seemingly alone;
without any known referential precedent.
fragments of individual accomplishments
were never fully integrated into the whole,
we will add intrigue as one of the many
unexplainable  mysteries within an infinite
eternal meaning and relevance throughout
the spans of time and space.  We hope
our goodness will be reflected in the care
we afforded both our environment and to
one another as we successfully overcame
daunting obstacles to sustain  the
continuous evolution of collective
Perhaps we will overcome great adversity
on a journey by a people then regarded
universally triumphant.  Our actions and
beliefs will provide the whole of Creation
many examples of inspiration, humor,
and accomplishment through examples
never before seen.  
The fossil fragments of human
character will provide useful
information to future worlds
seeking to avoid a fate similar
to that willfully chosen by a single
generation of humans who arrogantly
destroyed the works of Creation well over 4
billion years in the making.
On second thought...we
probably wouldn't
matter at all.