To the many observers of infinite space there will be those indulging curiosity to
gaze upon life as it is on planet Earth- images of evolution arriving at the speed of

The content of that available for viewing will be dependent upon the distance
between the Earth and any given point of view.  Hopefully most will tune in at
those periods of time when our goodness has been most evident. Sadly, there
will be some who tap in to any given era of which no discernible appeal can be
detected from such great distance.

Perhaps many will tune in at a later point in time, sometime in the 'future' as it is known to
us.  At that time they will observe an indescribable contrast of change as it is evident we
learned how to capitalize on the facets of human nature universally known to be good.

Of course there is that remote chance we chose to annihilate our existence while
believing great reward awaits those committed to extinguishing the evil found in others
For those who were able to detect our inherent goodness, we will surely be regarded
with bewilderment as previous observations rendered clear, the fate of complete
destruction was an outcome needless to have occurred.

Our extinction will be of no surprise as such outcome seemed the inevitable course
based upon indicators noted to exist in previous observations. We would not be
mourned or missed and none of our experiences will be seen as lessons applicable
to other beings.

For those previously viewing the images of Earth during eras of great turmoil may one
day turn to look in an attempt to review our current status only to find we exist no
longer. No sadness or pity- only more time to ponder better things found elsewhere.  
Previous observations revealed no endearing qualities with loathing for self and
Although available for viewing in the public records of all incorporated universes, we will stand as
evidence of ‘another side’ only in record as alleged to have once been. While such records contain
inspiration of diverse and beautiful accomplishments of ’other’ worlds there is little interest in what 'not-
to-do'other then by those 'who-did-not-do' - and they are not around.
outside in
universal partner
Outside In

It was your God who wanted and planned for this to occur.

In the grandest of all ironies, perhaps only your God will know of our once having existed...
take 2
dismissive regard for all other life forms.  We will be perceived to have been simultaneously, extremely
arrogant, and profoundly foolish.