Adherents to the ‘Golden Rule’ may be seen as wise in the development of affiliations with
those whom self-respect is mutually reciprocated but there is a conditional tone implied to
the externalized nature of any perspective relationship.  If a reciprocated response is not
identical in spirit there is implied justification to allow for the continuation of
misunderstanding rather then the exploration of more mutually beneficial alternative
interpretations.  There is a sense that kindness derives primarily from the expectation that
it will be reciprocated rather than from a point of origin based in unconditional regard.
Adherents to the Platinum Rule’ project a universal respect supported by the foundational
and noble principles perpetually extending ‘to and fro’ across infinite time and space in
immunity to the influence conditional modifiers.  Unreciprocated  kindness is met with a
compassion accompanied by the knowing a recipient will likely extend a similar wave of
warmth to a needy traveler in the near-future.  The liberation from an instinctual response
of resentment allows the practitioner of the ‘Platinum Rule’ to desire better times for one
who's frustrations provide shadow enhancements to the appreciation of their own

What's so golden about 'The
Golden Rule'?  Just for quick
review, it reads
Do unto
others as you
would have
them do
unto you
Is there anything wrong with 'The Golden
Rule' -aside from recent history
suggesting platinum is of higher value?

'The Golden Rule' is a universal
presumption that humans make high
priority to regard self favorably- evidence
often suggests the contrary.  If this were

Treat yourself
as you would
see others
The Platinum Rule

A seemingly subtle but significant
difference.  In accordance to the
‘Platinum Rule’
the esteem one
has for self is revealed in the
nature of regard forwarded to
another as a fellow human-
being.  If that expressed to
another can be characterized as
beholding in 'low-regard' it will be
immediately and abundantly
clear this is a person who
beholds self similiarly   In this
situation it will be you who
regards self with respect and
care as I will greatly benefit from
your benevolent and
unconditional response.
true, there is little to nothing required of one relative to the nature of regard forwarded to
another.   If you are one holding self in low regard, would there be any reason to think you
would see any other person differently?