I do not fully know why I stuck around after that first earth air .  I, like you, was
presented with life’s first decision and it happened to be, by far, the most

In the course of a life lived on earth, many if not most, would fail to ever recall it was
they who choose to be here.  And, though there seemed only pain and suffering
associated simultaneous to the sudden realizing of existence…

There was awareness of awareness...
It teased of mysterious things...
Some of which just may bring joy.

To the world was born a human-being not placed here by someone else but as a
consequence to an individual decision somehow believing that regardless of
circumstance, life stands on its own as miracle worth experiencing.

A billion babies agree...

Following that first breath, the knowing not a point of reference rendered us
completely vulnerable... We would accept any contact unconditionally.

    We knew we needed something
    If that something was somebody...
    That somebody could be anybody.


Upon my arrival I was the latest and newest rendition of humanity.  Unfortunately
this lasted only 9 seconds til’ some other cry-baby seized my title.  From the very
start it is so easy to become distracted….

So there we were the latest rendition of humanity if only for a moment.  Although
my claim to distinction was ‘jacked’ at the tender age of 9 seconds nobody can take
away the fact that it was indeed how I entered the world.
Reflections on the
Remember?  Do I participate or do I pass on this particular
stop? The first breathe was a reaction to shock, the second
was a choice.
Nothing experienced to that point had been anything less then absurdity;  
nothing  suggested anything pleasant would result from choosing the latter.  But,
we did… for no good reason.

We choose to take that second breath Why?! A
response to the affirmative...
It was our first decision...
It was our first act of faith
Perhaps ‘innocence is best defined as the state of unconditional regard
for others-  at no time do we understand this more then at the moment
of our birth.  We knew we needed physical contact from at least 1 other
human, that we needed the assistance of others, and that our infant
comrades throughout the world, spoke the very same language.  The
highest order of pursuit for all humans is the chase to regain the
wisdom and knowledge endowed upon first human contact.
Some claim it is the quest of searching individuals to find the
way back to the wisdom once known in childhood.  Although
quite likely a pursuit of merit it would not be the ultimate
discovery- it would be a jewel but not the crown.  The crown is
to find that wisdom possessed for only those first few seconds...