It is impossible for humans to understand a never-ending universe.  Harder still is
to envision   the nature of an 'absolute-nothing' non-existing beyond the
boundaries of all that is known and speculated to be...

But, what is it that exists between any two entities both within the universe or even
upon earth?...
The child may hear talk relative to the fragility of a brief life...To the young mind it
makes sense to trust those who would redirect the attraction to harmful pursuits.  We
take it on faith that all things prohibited are done so for a reason.  

In grand irony when we begin to truly comprehend just how short life really is we begin
to understand it is still a long time to exist in misery…We begin to question the validity
of the prohibitions once viewed to be equally prioritized

You are correct, tomorrow we shall be dead...For that brief span of time- why can you not not-do the
things we tell you not to do? Is it that you actually sense some of the things a greater society has
conveyed are fully inaccurate?

To the Moons...
Perhaps a leap of faith is required to believe there must be something we can only understand as
space.   Perhaps acquired life meaning is a process begun upon the understanding that there is truly
nothing between us but the spiritual realm....that purpose is discovered whenever any two people meet
as equals ...

Time Before Time

In the midst of unrelenting tranquility there is existence of no kind, there is
nothing to behold the consuming void of absolute silence.  

It is here- principles eternal- can be pursued with the understanding that life anywhere exists in the
presence of volatile elements- otherwise, life cannot exist by definition.  We are rightfully those who
provide the definition.  No matter where life exists eternal principles apply and this will always be so
Life depends upon the prerequisite of chaos and unrest...  Life emerges
rapacious and in immediate conflict with concurrent needs,  Negotiation will be
required of both consumption and stewardship promptly relevant to the very
conditions upon which it relies for existence
Have they been there?  Did they face the killer that gave them life?...then to understand the nature of a
courtesy that would not their way be extended.   A moment... transcendent time…a churning cauldron of
all Creation seeming to mean nothing…did they take that next step- just past the point of no return or,  
did they turn back and embrace the comfort of a nothing they had always known.
Within universal chaos we conceive of gods seeming to intervene very little or, in erratic fashion.  Absent
weighted regard  to merit or proportion, we strain to define the significance of beholding with explanations
conceived on our own.  Simultaneously, the prevailing presumption appears to be,  the nature of

remains static...conceding to- rather then embracing- the many things that will never be known
And Back...
All affairs human can be reduced to the foundation from which a sense of purpose derives. It is through
the actions of supporting others in the material world and the employed language of harmony found
within the realm of human dignity

As a logical prerequisite to a successful quest in pursuit of individual meaning is the establishment of a
personal conviction- that life itself has meaning, if only in the potential.
Every day- we lose scores of people with thousands of years of cumulative knowledge-
only to be replaced by scores of infants with no life experience...  The tragedy of
wisdom-lost...Tempered by the promise of new beginnings.

life meaning


Had they been there? Did they face the killer that gave them life?...then to understand the nature